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Economic growth our priority-President

By Shadreck Gurenje

PRESIDENT Mnangagwa is on record imploring very citizen of Zimbabwe to support the implementation of national development policy initiatives and programmes that will transform the economy so as to realize Vision 2030.

The Economic growth envisaged during the TSP programme period will inevitably be driven by the private sector, with Government facilitating a supportive macro-economic and business environment and focus will be on value addition and beneficiation, to realize higher value exports, and cushioning the economy from the vagaries of international commodity price fluctuations associated with over-dependence on export of raw commodities.

This then calls for collective efforts from every Zimbabwean to understand that the success of the programme will not depend on Government efforts alone, but on a coordinated collaborative multi-stakeholder approach and only then can the underlying challenges arising from economic fragility, joblessness, inequality and poverty be conquered.

This Programme, therefore, recognizes the need for empowerment of women and youths, while also bringing to the fore key issues that improve the welfare of the historically marginalized groups, including people facing physical challenges.

President Mnangagwa encouraged everyone to play their role in restructuring the economy.

“Everyone has a responsibility in this economic reconstruction endeavor. This includes the academia, faith based and civil society organizations, embracing their grassroots structures and advocacy towards complementing Government efforts, and the media, central to the dissemination of information and general citizenry awareness,” said President Mnangagwa.

“Also critical will be our people in the Diaspora, whose participation in economic transformation initiatives goes beyond contribution through remittances and philanthropic work, and is targeted to include skills transfer and involvement in arising domestic investment opportunities,” he also said.

International Monetary Fund Zimbabwe representative Patrick Imam had an in-depth interview with The Herald Business and citied that relationship between Zimbabwe and IMF is very good.

He further explained that Zimbabwe is seriously implementing  the Staff Monitored Program SMP is anchored on the Transitional Stabilization Plan which foresees that the authorities seek to address deep macroeconomic imbalances and remove distortions. This entails a substantial fiscal adjustment and financial and monetary sector stabilization.

The SMP is also intended to assist in resolving the longstanding arrears to external creditors and facilitate Zimbabwe’s re-engagement with the international community.