Failed political parties have found a new tool that they are using effectively to sabotage development within those countries in which they operate and in which they would have failed to wrestle political power. This phenomenon is most evident here in Africa, where patriotism does not seem to set parameters of what one can do or cannot do against their own country. Electricity, is now the new tool that these oppositions parties are using to destroy the economies of their own countries with the aid of technical staff within the power utilities.

Patriotism, is the ultimate love for one’s country which one should never compromise for whatever reason or benefits. It is that lack of patriotism, that has seen Africa as a continent, and individual countries that constitute the continent itself, failing to move forward as one proud family, hence forge reasonable development, like what other countries and continents are doing. The lack of patriotism, will always create negative and destructive tendencies, within a people, resulting in the lack of respect for authority , which in itself is another phenomenon, which is most vital for development.

Even within capitalist western countries like the United States of America [USA], France, Britain, Germany and others, as well as within countries like Russia, The People’s Republic of China, Japan and others, patriotism is never be allowed to compromised. In fact, in these countries individuals might have different viewpoints- politically, socially, economically or otherwise, but never once do they compromise patriotism. In those countries, it is treasonable, to compromise the country’s safety by being unpatriotic, which might result in endangering the people.

Political parties might differ mainly in their political thinking or any other things, but what one differs with others politically or otherwise, is never allowed to put the nation in danger. For instance, in America, the Democrats and the Republicans do differ greatly on how they think their country should be governed, and whilst they are at it, rouse rubbles against each other, but never are they at any time allowed to compromise the security of their country. Because of this, they are seen to even support each other when sitting governing parties, seem to make wrong decisions that those in opposition would have been against in the first place. This, was the case with George Bush senior and George Bush junior, when they invaded Iraq respectively. The whole of America, rallied behind them despite having different viewpoints on these issues.

Here on the African continent, the situation is totally different, as different parties never work together for the good of the country. In fact, those in opposition, will choose to totally destroy what their fore fathers or fore bearers built for them in order to simply get into power, or whenever they fail to win elections and hence fail to rule. In the past, and as a strategy, opposition parties that would have lost elections, were known to incite their supporters to go on a rampage, destroying property, as well as injuring and killing people in the process. And because of this type of unpatriotic behavior, Africa has lagged far behind other nations, in all aspects of development, save for this self destructive phenomenon, for which we have become champions.

But the opposition parties, have since diversified from their previous violence strategy and devised another more ingenious, but equally destructive strategy in which it uses electricity, as a means to bring down their countries economies. And that, they have done with sheer brutality and clinical precision, by enlisting the services of those that controls the sector on the shop floor, as well as the line management.

It is true that electricity is the new strategy and political tool that opposition parties are using to bring down governments. Even governing parties thinks that they would have been clever by appointing strong teams at the top which include the Ministers responsible for energy, their deputies, directors and chief executive officers to run the power utilities, but they can never prevent the damage that operatives cause within the vital entity on the ground.

Electricity is one of the vital elements within the economy making process of any country. Without a constant supply of electricity, industry eventually grinds to a halt. And without electricity, every other fabric of societal function, is greatly compromised. One just needs to think of what will happen, if hospitals are deprived of electrical energy; the mayhem that will be experienced in the form of deaths, machine failures, food deficits, sanitary constrains etc will be catastrophic. But this is exactly what happens when someone employs electricity, as a tool to get at an opponent in government, without taking into cognizance, what the dire effects of such a diabolic strategy will end up creating.

Having a strong team at the helm, for the governing party, does not in itself have much effect against such a strategy, if any at all. Since most opposition parties are made up of the middle class, academics and technocrats, the whole process flow line is controlled by them. This, therefore, means that even if the government tries hard to put checks and balances to wade off the potential sabotage threat that technocrats within the energy sector, who will under the control of the opposition parties, create,they will not succeed.

Opposition parties, have found out that every aspect of modern life depends on electrical energy, so they have gone ahead and recruited most, if not all of electrical power utility employees, who can virtually bring to a halt, all operations within government, using electricity, without taking blame. Stories of machinery breaking down, are told on a daily basis. Stories of loss of electricity from the grid, as well as stories of maintenance work that seems to take forever to complete, and never end, are daily propagated to justify their evil intentions. And when their leadership is summoned to explain to the nation on what would be taking place, they quickly label anyone and everyone as laymen who do not understand a thing about how electricity issues work.

Without an adequate electricity supply, agriculture, industry, mining, urban traffic control, water purification,food preservation, lighting,education, health and general every day home life, is severely affected. Issues of importance to the security of the people, is also badly affected to the extend that when there is no street lighting the residential areas at night, crime increases unabaited. This factor, then becomes favourable for the opposition party strategy of causing mayhem to those that they wish to attack during the night. All this, is very well calculated, and yet the governing authority, will at most times if not always, fail to understand the root cause of the electricity shortages.

Lack of patriotism, has therefore led to a situation where Africa’s type of politics, favours its detractors, as its economy remains forever in shambles, creating a situation where its resources, will always be readily available to its enemies. Because Africa’s economy is always failing, the continent becomes a perennial beggar, or a permanent begging bowl in hand case, which in itself, is a shameful, humiliating, disgusting and a perpetual ridicule from others.

The solution to the control of the vital electricity resource, should be for African governments to only train and employ the best of patriots within its own ranks. The method for creating that patriotic base, should be through a ruthlessly executed orientation process, that will then be followed up by a stringent selection process, based on one’s level and qualities of patriotism.

The notion that,” who so ever controls electricity has power”, that power utilities brag about, should never be ignored and looked at it as if it was just mere rhetoric. Indeed, who so ever controls electricity power in Africa, also determines whatever development takes place in the whole establishment. And because they know the importance of this factor, as well as the need to only staff it with the most patriotic of their sons and daughters, countries like China have excelled, where Africa has been found most wanting. In issues of electric energy, water and security, they have never compromised, because compromising on such is actually compromising on one’s life line; a development, that leads to a dire situation like the one we are in, in Africa.

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