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No going back on land reform:President ED

By Ndafadza Madanha

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa says the country’s land reform exercise is irreversible and government is now focused on enhancing productivity on the farms.

Addressing mourners at the state memorial service of former leader Cde Robert Mugabe, President Mnangagwa said over 365 000 families benefited from the land reform programme spearheaded by his predecessor.

“Beyond political independence, he boldly tackled the age-old national question that our land, which had been occupied by settlers for over a century. To him, this was “the grievance of all grievances”. As a result of his unflinching stance, the land has now been reunited with the people, and the people with the land. Today, over 365 000 families have benefited from the Land Reform Programme which our Revolutionary Icon led from the front.

“Allow me to state that, our land Reform will never be reversed. It is sacred, complete and finished. We remain firm and unshakable on this matter. Now the challenge for us is to be productive as we modernise and mechanise our agriculture processes. We must equally use our land sustainably, be it in agriculture, mining or tourism, so that we bequeath it to future generations”.

Under Zimbabwe’s land reform exercise programme white commercial farmers who owned over 70 percent of arable land lost their holdings to the marginalised indigenise who were crowded in semi-arid and arid regions.

However, the administration of President Mnangagwa has committed to compensate the former farmers in line with Zimbabwe’s constitution. ENDS