President E.D Mnangagwa Inauguration Speech


President Mnangagwa pays tribute to former President Robert Mugabe and calls on everyone to accept Mugabe’s immense contribution towards building of our nation. He remained a father, a mentor, ”comrade in arms and my leader.”
We need to let bygones be bygones as we embrace each other. Lets work together to improve our nation: Pres Mnangagwa The land reform program will not be reversed. Land Reform beneficiraies MUST contribute to the revival of the economy
Government is committed to work on a compensation plan for former land owners: Pres Mnangagwa
Elections will go forward as scheduled: Pres MnangagwaOur economic policies will hinge on agriculture, with programs like command agriculture.
There’s an urgent need to tackle the high levels of unemployment. I invite those in the diaspora to come and we take off as a nation: Pres Mnangagwa
President Mnangagwa said complex issues of land tenure will have to be addressed urgently and definitively.We welcome mutually gainful agreements with the international community to boost our economy:
People must be able to access their earnings and saving as and when they need them: Pres Mnangagwa.
It is indeed! a Great day for the country. 

“All foreign investments will be safe in Zimbabwe.” – Pres Mnangagwa.

Government will also ensure security and safety for all citizens.He says SADC is home to Zimbabwe as we also acknowledge that we belong to the bigger house of the African Union.
He says Zimbabwe has managed to maintain good relations with the global family, but Government will immediately start on a journey to reengage with those who have punished us through sanctions.In the global world, no nation can survive in isolation. Whatever differences that existed with those that imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe should pave way for a new beginning.
But of course, our resources remain ours. We remain committees to honoring debts.

He says Zimbabwe will contribute to the well being of the global political order through the United Nations. Zimbabwe will continue to contribute to the international peace and security within the framework of the UN.
President Mnangagwa promises that he will serve everyone and all who consider Zimbabwe their home and encourages all people remain peaceful even as we move into the election period. The Voice of the people is the voice of God.
The newly sworn in President of Zimbabwe, His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa finishes his inauguration speech amid cheers.