By Margaret Kamba


The African continent has for a long time been exploited by the white man since time immemorial. If it wasn’t the minerals, it had to be the human capital they looted in order to build their economies. This dependency on Africa’s natural resources has not stopped as seen through their newer and seemingly much more tactful systems to penetrate the continent.

Former African Union Ambassador to the US Dr Arikana Chihombori-Quao says Africa will only get out of the predicament if it taps into the diaspora.

In a video recorded by the Voice of America, on development, security and the state of the African women, Dr Chihombori-Quao highlights how Africa can take itself out of this predicament.


“IMF, the World Bank, all other institutions they make African countries jump through hoops loans they will never be able to pay. The US when they borrow money they’re getting it at 1, 5, 1, 9 interest rate. Africans when they get the same amount of money, they are paying eight or nine percent. The people who don’t need a break, they get a break and the ones who need a break, they don’t get a break,” Chihombori-Quao said.


“The sheer survival of the World Bank, IMF is based on the fact that African countries and many other developing countries do not succeed. Their success is based on our failure. That has to change and guess who came make that change. We, the children of Africa. We the Africans are the ones who have to say we know your game now. Enough is enough. We are not playing it anymore and this is where the diaspora come in.


“There are more Ghanaian doctors in New York City than in the entire country of Ghana. There are more Nigerian doctors in L. A than in the entire country of Nigeria. So let’s be serious here. What Africa needs is capacity, capacity, capacity and that capacity is in the diaspora. So it behooves us to bring the diaspora together. Let them understand what is really going in our Africa. Diaspora are not going home.


Diaspora are angry about Africa because they are not understanding the root cause of why Africa is where it is today. They think getting rid of a President will take care of the problem, far from it. That President is just going to be replaced by another one who is going to equally suffer from the same difficult environment to work in.”


Chihombori-Quao said showed how the West continuously exploits and manipulates the African people.

“So let’s look at an Africa that must be free to take care of herself, an Africa that is free from exploitation from outsiders, the multi-nationals who are stealing from Africa every day in broad daylight. I use an example of the DRC. If you ever fly very low over the DRC, you will see tar marks in the jungle. You will see 747s flying into the DRC picking up minerals and flying right out,” she said.


“The same multi-nationals are responsible for arming young people and giving them MK16s because why there are satellites in the skies are telling them where that village is there are lots of diamonds. What do they do? Arm young people. Drug them up and send them to chop off a few heads and the rest of the village runs away so they come behind and do their illegal mining.


“We black people must understand what is really going on, cause what we are shown instead is aah look at those Africans killing each other. There are some serious games that have been played in Africa for far too long and once we understand that, we can strategize and say is how we can begin to bring the difference and bring the change that Africa needs can only come if the diaspora are united and the Wakanda villages as I call them.”


She said Africa can build one village at a time and turn it into a center of excellence and a development hub tapping into every sector. This feeds into the Zimbabwe’s vision 2030 which envisages an upper middle income economy

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  1. Buyiselwe
    April 28, 2020 at 16:52

    I am inspired by this forthright woman and totally agree with her. Africa should insentivise the patriotic diaspora. I am sure this would increase returns.

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