By Kudzai Furusa

ZANU PF First Secretary and President E.D Mnangagwa has identified mining and agriculture as key sectors in achieving a middle income economy.

In line with President Mnangagwa’s vision 2030, the mining and agricultural sectors are well on course with several programmes running in both sectors with modernisation and mechanisation of the agriculture sector and investors willing to invest in the mining sector.

He highlighted these issues whilst addressing delegates in Hwange, where he was touring Tutu Coking Plant, South Mining Private Limited a coking plant, Chaba Mine, an open cast cola mine.


 “There are 2 key sectors that need primary focus. The first is Agriculture for food security. On this front Government is working towards food sufficiency and security. If we become food secure, have enough electricity and fuel in the country then we will achieve a middle income economy and change the lives of our people. Therefore we need focus and commitment,” he said.

“Secondly it’s the mining sector that has demonstrated that by 2030 we will have self-sufficiency in energy generation and production, with enough fuel and electricity. Our industry and commerce will develop.”

President Mnangagwa stressed that the country could not develop on the basis of just one sector hence the need for other sectors to be vibrant.

“The country cannot develop on the basis of the mining sector alone. Other sectors are also key, especially agriculture for food security. With the programs already in that sector, we will no longer be importing food in 2 or 3 seasons,” he said.

Government through the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement is working on Pfumvudza which assures Zimbabwe food sufficiency and food security.

It is also working on the Agriculture Recovery Plan that will see 5 000 highly productive irrigation farms receiving full support while 1, 6 million vulnerable households will be put under climate proofed Presidential Input Support Scheme. This resonates well with President Mnangagwa’s promise that no one will go hungry.

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