America Hoist By Own Petard

America Hoist By Own Petard

America Hoist By Own Petard

…frequently breaks own human rights ethics


By Shadreck Gurenje


The shooting of George Floyd a black American in cold blood by a racist white American police officer has yet again exposed America’s misleading facts on the so called fight against violation of human rights. Derek Chauvin a racist white American police officer from Minneapolis under Donald Trump’s current security sector is the man behind the murder of the innocent civilian George Floyd aged 46 a fatherly figure.
The gruesome murder of innocent unarmed black people has shown that American is failing to adhere to the benchmarks of human rights edicts they set and continues to monitor on other counties. Due to this hypocrisy and arrogance the United States has been subject to nationwide protests over the death of an African-American man in a show of total lack of human rights observation and gross racial discrimination.

America have no one to blame on the current situation that has emanated as a result of gunning down innocent souls but their actions and status can been linked to a quote in the book Hamlet by William Shakespeare “Hoist with his own petard" which is a phrase that literally means a bomb-maker is blown up by his own bomb. In the same location history records that there are long-standing tensions between the black community and police in Minneapolis. Another black man, Philando Castile, was shot and killed in 2016 during a traffic stop close to the epicentre of these protests in a case that gained international attention.
African-Americans also suffer significant socio-economic inequalities, entrenched segregation and a higher level of unemployment than the white community.
America has so far through the murder of George Floyd and some innocent blacks have deceive and breached almost all articles penned in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and yet in return they point fingers to other countries like Zimbabwe who are better off in realisation of the safety of their citizens.
Recently the Americans through their embassies were worried about some stage managed abductions they are clandestainlgly funding in Zimbabwe to push a regime change agenda while ignoring some gruesome torture, cruelty, and inhuman degrading treatment and punishment practices by their security services in their own backyard and has led to the loss of innocent lives.

The Zimbabwean security forces has been frequently criticised by the Americans in their line of duty yet they conduct professionally as compared to those in the US that has seen their errors forcing their master Donald Trump to find refuge on the underground bunker for a period of time due to huge protests against breach of human rights. The fact that the so-called super power Head of State like Trump goes in hiding lucidly portray the intensity of the protests and the seriousness of the protestors in expressing their lack of trust in their unrepentant and inhuman government a scenario never experienced back here in Zimbabwe under the people centred Second Republic.

In a similar manner the continued suppression of blacks globally by the United States of America chief among them the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe has slowed down the country’s development and also constitute an attack on human rights of the people of the southern African nation.  However apart from all attacks by America the Zimbabwean government still respects Article 2 (4) of the United Nations charter, which requires all member states to respect the territorial integrity or political independence of any state. The African Union Commission has also added their voice in strongly condemning the killing, which is only the latest in a series of racial murders by police officers in America.

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