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Sanctions must fall

By Ndafadza Madanha ZIMBABWE commemorates the 2nd edition of the Anti-Sanctions day which was designated by the SADC Heads of State summit in Tanzania last year. SADC designated 25 October as the day sister countries in the region register their collective displeasure with the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the USA, EU and other […]


  By Margaret Kamba Vice President and Second Secretary of ZANU PF Cde Constantine Chiwenga says the story of the liberation struggle has for far too long been told by others hence the need to have the liberators document their own story. Other liberators that have made efforts to do this include Professor Charles Pfukwa, […]


By Margaret Kamba ZANU PF Secretary for War Veterans Cde Douglas Mahiya has commended the commencement of the artifacts collection of the liberation struggle saying it will go a long way in preserving the history for future generations. Many countries have preserved the liberation or independence stories and inculcate that history as children grow in […]

Artists hail Zimoneness gala

Artists who participated in the Zimoneness e-gala have commended the ZANU PF Information and Publicity Department for hosting the event as it provided a platform to showcase their skills and make an income. Most artists have found the going tough since the advent of Covid19 owing to regulations in place that limit the gathering of […]


By Margaret Kamba President and First Secretary of ZANU PF Cde E.D Mnangagwa says the country’s heritage will continue to be preserved. Efforts have been made to continue preserving the country’s history and heritage through the National Museums and Monuments. Some of the preserved sites such as the National Heroes Acre among others are tourism […]


  By Margaret Kamba Zimbabwe has this year celebrated the Heroes’ day in a unique way by according monumental statues from the First and Second Chimurenga. The struggle to free the country from colonial rule began with the First Chimurenga heroes and heroines who inspired heroes and heroines of the Second Chimurenga to continue the […]

HEROES’ DAY, TIME FOR SELF INTROSPECTION … Party marks its third anniversary after being entrusted with the people`s mandate

By Ransom Mandhlazi THIS coming month of August, we celebrate Heroes Day, a day set aside to remember the ideals and deeds of Zimbabwe’s distinguished men and women, living and dead, who dedicated their lives for our independence and freedom. This year’s commemorations coincide with the celebrations of the third anniversary of ZANU PF’s resounding […]


Before the MDC was formed, Zimbabwe was a beautiful country. There were no sanctions. There was no black market rate. There was no political violence as much as we have seen after formation of MDC. There were no food shortages. Employment rate was high. There were no fuel queues. There was no load shedding. There […]

Zimbabwe’s Culture Week

    This week we celebrate Zimbabwe Culture Week amidst a Corona Virus Disease COVID19 crisis which has clearly shifted the gains of any economy. Even amidst that crisis, we cannot forget to reflect upon many forms of art within our communities with Google Doodle celebrating with us our very own Mbira. The Mbira is […]


  By Manungo Vongai   Creative hands know no limits, especially if one has waste material at home. If one loves to make beautiful things and seek pleasure from doing so, then there are many things that you can create from waste material around you. Using waste material to make new objects is friendly for the […]


By Margaret Kamba   Christians have adopted to pray online as the country entered Day 7 of the 21 days of lockdown.   Some churches last week announced that a three weeks break away from the church buildings would characterise worship.   President and First Secretary of ZANU PF Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa this week urged […]

Mbira festival up the cards

  By Margaret Kamba Dzepamvura Mbira Arts Centre is scheduled to host a mbira festival ahead of this year’s independence celebrations.Zimbabwe turns 40 on 18 April thanks to the hard won independence which saw many gallant sons and daughters of the soil being maimed while others lost their lives to free the country from colonial […]

First Lady completes nationwide Dura ramambokadzi concept …….calls for nation to resort to traditional seed grain to beat climate change

  03 Mar 2020 By Ransom Mandhlazi First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa’s Dura ramambokadzi concept has successfully completed the nationwide rollout with distribution of traditional small grain seeds to 90 chiefs’ spouses from Mashonaland West, Mashonaland East and Mashonaland Central. The First lady Amai Mnangagwa through her foundation, Angel of Hope is reviving the Dura […]

First Lady revives Dura ramai ……as she encourages climate change adaptable seeds

  By Ransom Mandhlazi in Masvingo – ZANU PF Information Department FIRST Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa has revived the Dura ramai concept through the traditional leaders’ (madzishe) spouses. The distribution of traditional small grain seeds to the wives of chiefs from Masvingo and Manicaland marked the beginning of the initiative. The program being implemented through […]

“Churches must be on the forefront” -President

  By Shadreck Gurenje – ZANU PF Information Department President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said churches must be at the forefront of uniting the nation through preaching the gospel of harmony and humility and shun those who make malicious reports about their indigenous motherland. Speaking at the Inter-Denominational Council of Churches meeting at State House, President […]

President swiftly responds to Catholic Priests request

  By Shadreck Gurenje President Mnangagwa together with Vice President Rtd General Constatine Chiwenga and Rtd Colonel Kembo Mohadi today met a group of Catholic Bishops at State House and discussed several areas of national interest which include the health delivery system, political and economic situation. Addressing the media soon after meeting the Catholic Bishops […]

Prayer Day goes national

    By Ndafadza Madanha – ZANU PF Information Department THE National Prayer Day will from the beginning of next year be held in the country’s 10 provinces. The National Prayer Day is the brainchild of the First Lady, Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa and brings together Christians from different denominations to intercede for Zimbabwe and its leaders. […]

Training for traditional leaders spouses goes national

  By Ransom Mandhlazi – ZANU PF Information Department Traditional leaders’ spouses’ health and empowerment training, which was first hosted by Mashonaland West Province, will spread to other provinces in a bid to promote healthy living and development in communities.The inaugural Mashonaland West training left the traditional leaders’ spouses confessing that the workshop was an […]

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