By Ransom Mandhlazi


FIRST Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa has urged urban communities to be vigilant and avoid harbouring escapees from quarantine centres and border jumpers from neighbouring countries to realise positive results in the fight against Covid19 pandemic.


Addressing the elderly and other vulnerable people from the Harare Metropolitan Province at City Centre today, the First Lady highlighted that despite the family bond which exists through our traditional norms and values, we must all follow the dictates of the law so as to prevent the spread of the virus.


Conducting her awareness campaign in Shona for the benefit of her audience, the First Lady showed her other side as a good teacher through her interactive sessions with the elderly to tackle Covid19 and domestic violence.


"As the elderly of the community, when we see our child whom we have not been staying with for a long time and coming from abroad and nearby countries, we sometimes fail to ask important questions like whether or not the child has been tested for Covid19. Despite that motherly bond, let us follow the dictates of the law so as to prevent the spread of the virus,” she said.


"In this time of Covid-19, this disease is not selective. It is just affecting everyone hence it is everyone's responsibility to play a part in the fight against it.”

The First Lady also took her time to teach the elderly about the importance of following the rules during funerals to prevent the spread of Covid19.

"This disease to date has no known cure except practicing good hygiene and observing social distancing. What we are doing here in Zimbabwe is exactly what other nations are doing the world over so as to stop the spread of the virus,” the First Lady said.


"Already, we have seen this lockdown as helpful because it has helped slow down the rate of infection. It is neither a crime nor a punishment to be asked to stay at home. It is a way of protecting us. We should do as we are told so that we preserve life.”

Since the inception of the Covid19 in Zimbabwe, the First lady through her Angel of Hope Foundation has been educating the elderly and vulnerable groups in different provinces on ways to protect themselves from the pandemic. The First Lady is the country's Health Ambassador.

Zimbabwe, which has so far lost six people to the pandemic, continues to witness an increase in the number of cases and is currently under lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The rise in cases is being attributed to people coming in from other countries, amid reports of some who are running away time and again from quarantine centres and border jumpers.

Zimbabwe has witnessed an unprecedented surge in domestic violence since the lockdown was introduced on March 30, prompting Amai Mnangagwa, as the mother of the nation, to speak out against it.

Amai Mnangagwa donated food hampers for the elderly.




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