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Be wary of MDC Alliance

By Margaret Kamba 

Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front- ZANU PF National Political Commissar Victor Matemadanda has issued a stern warning to the MDC’s Job Sikhala over remarks he made in Bikita to overthrow the ruling party’s President and First Secretary Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa. 

The warning comes at a time when the MDC has used the social media to castigate the warnings made by other ZANU PF members and affiliates amidst claims that the Zimbabwe Republic Police is partisan.  

ZANU PF Secretary for Information Cde Simon Khaya Moyo earlier in the week warned the MDC Alliance against such remarks while the ZANU PF youth league affiliates among them ZIRAPAYON, ZICOSU and Children of the War Veterans gave Job Sikhala 72 hours to withdraw his statements. 

Speaking at a by-election campaign held in Lupane East this Wednesday, Cde Matemadanda questioned the experience with which Sikhala claims to overthrow the Mnangagwa government and cautioned the party members against being used. 

“How does Job Sikhala think he can overthrow the Mnangagwa government? With a knobkerrie? They should not threaten President Mnangagwa. This administration is one of peace, unity and harmony. This does not mean that we are stupid and we do not know how to use guns. We just want to see our people live better lives,” CdeMatemadanda said. 

“If you give a mad man an airplane to fly, if he becomes mad while flying the plane, you will land in the water. We want an opposition but we want an opposition that is responsible which is in a country with a history. Lobengula and Mbuya Nehanda all died defending this country. 

“Our people died in Mozambique, Zambia and Botswana and Chamisa takes pride in being friends with the white man whom we fought against? We fought against the white man because we saw his dirty tricks. We took back the land and you think you can return it? We went to war because we wanted our country. We liberated this country because we wanted it. We took back the country and there is no way it can go back to the white man because it has no legs. We came with it and that is it. We are in a queue to rule and there will be no ambush to take it.” 

Cde Matemadanda warned the party members to be wary of the tricks being used by the MDC Alliance to remove their own from power. 

“The US dollar was a problem and they removed it. Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube is the first minister from this province to work in the Finance Ministry and he needs your support. Do not allow them to manipulate you by mobilizing you to do stay-aways to bring back the US dollar. They want you to remove your own people so do not allow them to.” 

The MDC Alliance has been using all the tricks in the book to discredit the government led by President Mnangagwa despite the election results and Constitutional Court verdict which showed that the ZANU PF party won the elections. 

That party has even gone to the extent of soliciting for more illegal sanctions to be placed on the country with no regard for the innocent Zimbabweans who have remained patriotic and resilient. 

Despite all these negative efforts, the ruling ZANU PF party continues to put programmes in place to alleviate the poverty and improve the lives of the ordinary Zimbabweans as promised in the party’s 2018 Manifesto to create jobs, fight corruption, re-engage and unite the people.