Beitbrige Road Construction: Towards Vision 2030

Beitbrige Road Construction: Towards Vision 2030

Beitbrige Road Construction: Towards Vision 2030


By Kay Kaseke

The rehabilitation of the Harare-Beitbridge highway after the government allocated US $1bn to finance the project has commenced after incessant calls to expedite the rehabilitation of the road, which links Zimbabwe with its major trading partner, South Africa, so as to reduce road carnage have been made.


The completion of the road refurbishment will cut the number of accidents and allow speedy movement of goods hence contributing to national economic growth achieving Vision 2030 where Zimbabwe is an upper middle income economy .


Five companies, Tensor Systems, Fossil Contracting, Masimba Construction, Exodus and Company, and Bitumen World, will be executing the project with each rehabilitating 20km stretches along the highway.


Beitbrige east legislator Cde Albert Nguluvhe during a tour of the road works said that the minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development Cde Joel Biggie Matiza promised to rehabilitate the road from the border to Masvingo-Bulawayo turn off.

“This morning I joined the Minister roads, transport and industries development where he inspected the road works in our constituency. The works are progressing very well . I want to take this opportunity to thank our government for continuing with the programme despite the COVID 19 menace.”

Cde Nguluvhe said the road construction is one of the biggest projects to be carried in the constituency. “The road construction is one of the biggest projects which have been carried out in our constituency. Once more I want to thank President HE Mnangagwa for bringing development to this constituency. The completion of the project will definitely reduce road traffic accidents which have seen a lot of lives being lost.”

While assessing the project’s development, Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister, Cde Joel Biggie Matiza said that he is happy and satisfied with the progress made so far and reaffirmed governments commitments to completing road projects which are underway.

“We are standing here the old road material has already been removed meaning that work has started there's no going back we are now on the real work of the rehabilitating and widening the road . Basically there is good work going on the progress is on target.” He said.

He said the firms were expected to finish upgrading the first 100km in August before starting work on the second combined 100km stretch scheduled for completion in December.

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