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The Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation held a meeting at mushagashi vocational training centre where Minister of State in Masvingo Cde Chadzamira loved the critical information on covid 19 youth relief fund.

Speaking in an interview Minister Chadzamira mentioned a number of programs being held in Masvingo that are to assist youths as they the majority in their large community.

"We are breaking from the armchair leadership style of the old dispensation. President E.D Mnangagwa has made a call for leaders to be listening servants of the people which has been displayed by Ministry of Youth who came to the people who are their masters for information and instructions on what and how to perform their task", he said.

He stated that they granted Masvingo as a cradle of the national heritage, the Zimbabwe monuments and inspires them as a province and as a country as it was the fourteenth century hub of the commercial activities attracting trade with the far East and Europe

"We are proud custodians of the monuments which to us are a symbol of the Zimbabwean people's resolve hard work and skill. They are our source of inspiration, as such great monuments could only be built by a visionary, peaceful, united, ethical, skilled and result oriented community", said Chadzamira.

Masvingo Province is commited to bringing back the past glory of deliberately empowering youth. Young people have proved to have the energy, crucial education, numerical advantage and necessary financial and technological skills to modernise and industrialise our economy given the thrust of the new dispensation under the able leadership of his Excellency President Cde E.D. Mnangagwa to attain an upper middle income economy by year 2030

"We are opening up 4k hacters of land under the USD40 million Tongat Hulet funded kilimanjaro project. Our youth constitute the majority of the targeted 200k grower beneficiaries. Other opportunities lie in the mining, manufacturing and services sectors.

"It is my conviction that by deploying the youth demographic dividend in our projects, high produtive and sustainability are guaranteed", he speaks.

The young people do not exist as separate social entities as they are part of the large community. Young people of Masvingo have been visible in the community development initiatives where they have partnered with the local authorities in the devolution fund program by providing general and skilled labour.

Through the youth building Zimbabwe they participated in building classroom blocks and clinic at chikwalakwala, Rusadza, Mabhowe, Chimedza, Makove and Makumbe respectively.

Cde Chadzamira urged young people to tap in the world of experience and wisdom of elders in an endeavour to maintain values and identity as a people. This enables people as a country to treasure the indigenous knowledge sytems and build heritage based livelihoods, people to people and some economic relations in the community of nations.

He mentioned that his office will remain commited exercising coordinative and oversite role to ensure the successful implementation of youth programs. His office identified through local authorities land for use to build vocational training centres which will enable the Ministry of yYouth, Sport, Arts and Recreation to build a vocational training centre in every district.

Currently the province has only three operational vocational training centres which are Mushagashi, Masvingo Urban and Gutu training Centre as more are needed as their intervention addresses critical skills gab identified in the national skills audit report.

The Masvingo Province however appreciate the partnership between the vocational training centres and development partners like Care and Plan International which has seen more than 1500 young women trained in Mwenezi and Chiredzi. The young women recieved training in building, hair dressing, clothing and hotel and catering, starter pack for graduates should however be looked into.

However there is a need to mordenise the vocational training centres and Cde Chadzamira committed to engage the masvingo local authorities to priorities putting up the vocational training centres infrastructure through utilising their allocation of devolution fund.

The school development committee, municipalities and cooperate sector came on board in putting up model multipurpose sport facilities special mention going to Bikita minerals, Rafamoyo, Machingambi, and Gutu Mission High Schools. Other cooperate entities were called upon to come on board and thanked Minister Kirsty coventry together with her Deputy Minister Cde T Machakaire and thier ministry at large for support in the fighting against covid 19 offering mushagashi training centre to house children taken from the streets of masvingo as they were vulnerable to the pandemic.

"The covid 19 youth relief fund will go a long way in alleviating the negative effects of the pandemic on the livelihoods of the young people and the interaction of the Ministry and Youth should see increased uptake of the funds by deserving youth and efficiency in transparency disbursement by the Ministry of Youth office," he added.

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