By Kudzai Furusa

ZANU PF National Political Commissar Cde Victor Matemadanda has called people to order following their interference in Zimbabwean affairs.

Cde Matemadanda said this whilst addressing members of the Party during the Manicaland Provincial Co-ordinating Committee meeting held in Mutare yesterday. Zimbabwe has been under attack from local opposition, regional and international communities accusing Zimbabwe of human rights violations and creating an economic and health crisis.

“Only Zimbabwe and Guatemala have been defending their land. It is people who have not been able to take an inch of their land who are busy criticizing us," said Cde Matemadanda.

"Some have failed to sing their national anthem and some are not yet independent yet they want to get into our business, an independent Zimbabwe. I say order to them.”

Cde Matemadanda went on to highlight that Zimbabwe is known for defending its land and no one is going to take the land from us.

“Zimbabwe is known for not accepting foreign domination from as far back as Mbuya Nehanda, Sekuru Kaguvi, King Lobengula, Machingaira and Mashayamombe. That is why we say ZANU PF is a Party of the first liberation war because their veins still run in ZANU PF.  ZANU PF is fulfilling what all these heroes died for," the National Political Commissar said.

"ZANU PF is a Party based on the African Zimbabwean value system. The culture of Zimbabwean people is seen in ZANU PF.  For people to be called people they should be able to be identifiable by certain traits. Asians, Germans, Chinese have their way and as Zimbabweans we have our own way and we will safeguard what is ours.”

He went on to say that Zimbabwean Government has no time to listen to such destructive criticism as they have better things to do.

“The land issue is the main reason why the war was fought. We will not let our land be taken by anyone. There are some people who want to take advantage distorting the land question," he said.

"This is a revolutionary Party and EFF Leader Julius Malema will and cannot tell us what to do yet he was evicted from the ruling ANC after defying their order. Former Botswana President Ian Khama is another person who should keep away from Zimbabwean issues. Zimbabwe is above that level of being told what to do. We have better things to think of and do."

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