Chamisa Shona Facebook watch party riles supporters

Chamisa Shona Facebook watch party riles supporters

Chamisa Shona Facebook watch party riles supporters

By David Mwanza

Several MDC-Alliance supporters across the globe logged off Nelson Chamisa’s Facebook watch party in protest to that party leader’s predominantly Shona speech.

Chamisa’s predominantly Shona speech attracted condemnation across the tribal divide.

A netizen Wellington Tafirenyika commented, “we have 90 percent literacy in our country – why are we still segregated. Chamisa is a disappointment. He cannot lead if he is only interested in addressing a certain group of people.”

Another netizen, Gift Ncube said, “why address in Shona only – I am signing off – I don’t understand Shona. I guess he is addressing the Shona speaking people only. Nxa.”

Australia based, Thabisa Sibanda, said “it was wrong and unfortunate that Nelson Chamisa conducted his online rally in Shona. When he addressed his UK rally in Shona, we told him that it was an error. It is therefore disappointing that he and his team do not seem to learn from their mistakes.”

Another prominent figure to comment on the matter was ZimLive Editor, Mduduzi Mathuthu. He said, “I watched Nelson Chamisa’s rally yesterday on a Facebook watch party. A friend in the United States said he was logging off because the MDC Alliance leader spoke predominantly in Shona. Another asked: 'Are they addressing only one tribe?' It's a legitimate concern for minorities.”

Sboka Madlenya said “Now, the problem is that you expect people in Gwanda or Tsholotsho or Binga to hear same rally and have same enthusiasm. Madness.”

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