By David Mwanza


ZANU PF Youth League has dared former Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner General, Augustine Chihuri to come out of his dungeon to defend his court case and desist from creating side shows, aimed at tarnishing the image of First Secretary and President Cde E.D Mnangagwa.


This was said by the ZANU PF Youth League acting Deputy Secretary, Tendai Chirau during a presser held at the Party headquarters in Harare this afternoon.


The presser was attended by the Party’s 10 Youth League Provincial Chairpersons.


“It is very disturbing to read about baseless and misdirected accusations by the Retired Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Republic Police Augustine Chihuri against His Excellency the President, Head of State and Government and Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Cde E.D Mnangagwa,” Cde Chirau.


“What is more perturbing is that a whole retired Commissioner General fails to mobilise adequate heads of argument against his case that he is being accused of swindling the State of millions of United States of America dollars.

“It should be noted here and now that it is the State’s case against Mr Augustine Chihuri as such he must directly channel his arguments to the judiciary systems and leave our President alone. We encourage Mr Chihuri to come out from his self-imposed exile and prove his innocence in the courts of the land,” said the Cde Chirau.

Meanwhile Cde Chirau has also warned renegade Godfrey Tsenengamu whom he described as a rootless politician to stop smear campaigning the First Family or face the full wrath of the Youth League.

Tsenengamu was expelled from the Party for indiscipline after he refused to go through the Chitepo School of Ideology.

“The Youth League is disturbed by a video featuring a slanderous diatribe by the politically rootless, prodigal and nomadic former ZANU PF Youth League Political Commissar Godfrey Tsenengamu in which he unashamedly pours baseless vitriol and poorly veiled researched corruption allegations against both ZANU PF led Government and the First family.

“The video clip amply exposes his desperate desire to secure political capital through subsidized mudslinging and blatant character assassination, fuelled by fertile imagination and hallucinatory self-hypnosis.”

He added: “This behaviour by Tsenengamu is however, quite unsurprising given that he finds himself trapped in a struggle to salvage a modicum of relevance in Zimbabwean political discourse, which he unwittingly sacrificed on the altar of sponsored self-glory.

“As such, he fittingly finds with only straws of self-pity to clutch onto, having effectively dismissed himself from the people’s Party through his indiscipline and recalcitrance.


We are also cognisant of Mr Tsenengamu’s other source of bitterness; the progressive emasculation of his self-exiled cronies in the G40 cabal, who had congregated into a deleterious criminal clique preying on the protective mercies of the late former President Robert Mugabe.”

The ZANU PF Youth League warned Tsenengamu against attacking members of the First Family.

“We also seriously deplore his unwarranted profiling of the children of Cde R.G Mugabe which he pitiably attempts to use as a counterpoint to support his fictional criminal thesis against the family of our President Cde Mnangagwa.”

Cde Chirau said ZANU PF cherishes and values its long standing mutual relationship with China.

“Additionally, any attempts to pre-emptively label the Chinese as our “new colonisers”, as Mr Tsenengamu does in his video are not only presumptive and preposterous, but bespeak of an intellect totally bling to reality.”


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