By Margaret Kamba

Principal of the Chitepo School of Ideology Cde Munyaradzi Machacha says the school is thrilled by Dr Obert Mpofu's book which will fill in some gaps in Zimbabwe's liberation story.

This follows a successful launch of the book "On the Shoulders of Struggle: Memoirs of a Political Insider" by ZANU PF's Secretary for Administration Cde Mpofu in Harare yesterday.

"We are over 40 years as an independent nation and 40 years since the guns went silent ushering in a new democratic independent Zimbabwe yet 40 years on there is still a huge vacuum which needs to be filled with the correct and accurate literature on our struggle for independence and our fight against imperialism," Cde Machacha said.

"That vacuum has been taken advantage of by our detractors who are churning out a number of publications with a neo-liberal narrative designed to pollute the young minds of our nation so that they can succeed to reverse the gains of our independence. So the books that have been written so far were authored by former Rhodesians whom we defeated in the war of liberation and disgruntled academicians, writing more out of anger and frustration to distort the heroic sacrifices that were made by the people of Zimbabwe."

Cde Machacha said the country finds itself with a naive young generation.

"It is because of this background that we find our young people vulnerable to all sorts of tricks and chicanery meant to lure them to destroy their own future by aiding the imperialist forces in their regime change endeavor," he said.

"As Chitepo School of Ideology therefore, we are thrilled by the launch of Dr Obert Mpofu's memoirs "On the Shoulders od Struggle" for it is not just a story of his life and involvement in the struggle but in fact it is a book that gives an accurate, account of the historical events leading to our independence and post independence achievements as a Government and a ruling Party."

He said "the book will therefore fill some of the gaps that exist in progressive literature that is available and will go a long way to enlighten our young people who are constantly being bombarded by negative information.

"Our mission and theme as a College is to decolonize the mind because it is in the mind that forces of evil and imperialist forces work to convert our people into puppets and praise singers to create a people who hate themselves, hate their country and who allow foreign forces to loot and plunder Zimbabwe's rich natural resources."

He highlighted that "Our mission therefore is to decolonize the mind and bring progressive thinking that will make the African man assert himself as the rightful owner of these rich resources which he must exploit for the common good of all Zimbabweans."

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