Chitungwiza town council rot exposed

Chitungwiza town council rot exposed

Chitungwiza town council rot exposed

..... ZANU PF calls for Govt to step in

By Ndafadza Madanha

THE corruption in the MDC led Chitungwiza Town Council has reached alarming levels and Government must now step in to restore sanity according to ZANU PF acting national Spokesperson Cde Patrick Chinamasa.

Addressing the media Cde Chinamasa, said the corruption in the opposition council was systematic and ranged from unfair labour practices, irregular distribution of land, lack of quality service provision.

In order to carry out  corrupt activities MDC councilors have roped in some council workers.

Some of the incidents brought to the attention of ZANU PF by whistle blowers include dissolution of the Stands Allocation Committee to facilitate the MDC councillors planned corrupt allocation of land.

Following the dissolution of the Stands allocation committee the MDC councillors unprocedurally allocated 889 stand.

The Chitungwiza council has in complete violation of the Regional Town and Country Act parcelled out State Land.

Further commercial stands are been parceled without certification from the Department of Physical Planning, EMA and other relevant authorities.

In light of the glaring corrupt activities within the authority Cde Chinamasa said it was necessary for the MDC councilors to resign enmasse.

He further called upon the Minister of Local Government to exercise his powers by rescinding all resolutions made by council and institute a commission of Inquiry to carry out investigation of the allegations of corruption.

"ZANU PF is further demanding the suspension of MDC councilors who are fingered in the alleged abuse of office and corruption to ensure that sanity returns to the running of Chitungwiza Town Council  Affairs.  A lifestyle audit must be undertaken for many of these MDC councilors who in a very short period of time and without any source of income besides the sitting  allowance they receive have managed to build more than one house".

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