Cleanliness is a state of mind: President

Cleanliness is a state of mind: President

Cleanliness is a state of mind: President


By Shadreck Gurenje - ZANU PF Information Department

President Mnangagwa has urged citizens to develop a clear and clean mindset which will ensure a sound and clean environment.

The campaign was being spearhead by the captains of industry, with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce taking the leading role. Giving his keynote address at Rugare Shopping Centre in the capital, His Excellency President Mnangagwa said it was important for people to have a positive mindset towards a clean environment.

“To have a clean environment, firstly our minds should be clean. If you hear that President Mnangagwa has said let’s keep the environment clean, you can just dismiss that. This is so because you would not have realised and appreciated the importance of having a clean environment", said President Mnangagwa.

President Mnangagwa also advised those in the tourism sector to develop a positive attitude towards tourists and practise utmost hospitality when dealing with visitors.

“If we are a clean country, then we can receive a lot of visitors and tourists in our country.
“I was reading where African countries were being rated as to which one is the best Tourism destination and why? Zimbabwe was placed at number four and Botswana was better than us as it was said if you go to Botswana, there are smart resort areas and the wildlife safari is generally good, those who work there are very polite.

“Little did they know most of those workers are Zimbabweans. So we as owners let us look seriously into that matter. Hazvitoreri dikita kuti tive polite and humble while practising good hospitality to our visitors and keeping our environment clean” said President Mnangagwa.

He also assured the residents of Rugare and Harare at large of safe and adequate water supply saying government was aware of the problem and will swiftly respond.

He also added that the Zimbabwean situation will be solved by united bonafide people of Zimbabwe who respect and support government efforts.

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of the National Clean-Up Programme since the President launched campaign on December 5 last year in Highfield.

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