Coivd-19 still with us - Dr Parirenyatwa

Coivd-19 still with us – Dr Parirenyatwa

By Shadreck Gurenje in Bindura

ZANU PF Secretary for Health and Child Care has urged citizens to be cautious and careful on thier daily activities saying Covid-19 pandemic is still in full swing.

Addressing the extraordinary ordinary Mashonalnd Central PCC meeting in Bindura today Dr Parirenyatwa said the pandemic is still very active hence as the Revolutionary Party we should be in forefront of raising the awareness.
"I would like to say this first and it is about Covid-19 which is real and very active and as the Revolutionary Party we should be in the forefront of raising awareness of the dangers of the pandemic."said Dr Parirenyatwa. Dr Parirenyatwa also said people should not get carried away ignoring the Covid-19 precautionary measures layed down by government since the cases are increasing on daily basis and more need to be done in dealing with the deadly pandemic. He also added that people should work together in the fight against the pandemic.

"We should join forces in the fight against the deadly pandemic of Covid-19.The pandemic is still with us it is increasing some people think it is now better and they get relaxed.It is not over yet and very soon as a Party and the Secretary of Health in the Politburo I will facilitate training workshop for all Party Secretary for Health so that they will be equiped,"said Dr Parirenyatwa. Dr Parirenyatwa also thanked the People's Republic of China for assisting Zimbabwe in the fight against the pandemic by donating sanitary wear which will be distributed across the nation through the Department of Health and Child Care.

Dr Parirenyatwa also touched on the issue of DCC elections and advised Mashonalnd Central leadership to exercise extreme caution once the organ is in place. " When elected into office the DCC must stick to it's mandate not to be abused by greedy individuals. We do not want to repeat what was in the old despensation where these DCC used to operate wayward.

"Those elected must be loyal to the Party and work towards building the image of the Party and the President."said Dr Parirenyatwa. Dr Parirenyatwa also challenged the Mashonalnd Central Provincial leadership to assist in desseminating the achievements of all government programmes in the Second Republic under the leadership of President Mnangagwa.

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