By Margaret Kamba


In appreciation of the 1st and 2nd Chimurenga heroes, Coalition Against Sanctions showed their solidarity with their counterparts in the Broad Alliance Against Sanctions (BAAS) by donating food stuffs to their comrades camped outside the United States of America Embassy in Zimbabwe.


BAAS has cloaked 397 days camped outside the US Embassy braving the cold, wind and rain having left their homes and families in an effort to push for the total removal of the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.


For the women, it is a fight that has witnessed them using old and dirty rags instead of the normal pads during their menstrual cycles. It is a fight that has seen these same women using a bottle of water to clean their special underneath areas so as not to smell better around others.


It is a fight that has seen these women cooking with twigs in order to fend for the rest of the team at base. It is reliving the liberation struggle fought by the men and women of the 2nd Chimurenga. It is a fight that has seen them getting water from the stream that flows by for use.


If it were not for well-wishers that have brought tents to keep them from getting drenched in the rain or bitten by the cold and burnt by the sun, these men and women would this winter season be facing colds in this courageous journey to see sanctions removed. It is a fight that only the brave can face because many gave up that fight and returned home, just as during the liberation struggle for Zimbabwe.


Speaking during the handover of the commodities which included half a tonne of mealie meal, cooking oil, bathing soap and a goat, ZANU PF National Political Commissar Cde Victor Matemadanda said the team should remain resilient in the fight.


“The women and men here have left their families and you are here because of the welfare of your country Zimbabwe. You are truly Zimbabwean heroes of your time. If you do not get rewarded for this work as heroes, I do not know what heroes are.


At this time many are fighting to see how they can sell their country. The same people that have gone to ask for these sanctions are crying together with us about the hiking prices of commodities.”



Cde Matemadanda questioned why America would build such a huge Embassy and concluded that it can only be to continue looting Zimbabwe’s resources.


“Why does the American Embassy build such a big Embassy here? The Embassy has no pity on the welfare of these women here. They want to steal more but you have refused this. Thank you for your resilience,” Cde Matemadanda said.


“When you slaughter this goat, slaughter it in front of their Embassy so that the blood of the goat will scream that it is crying for Zimbabwe. Then God will hear our prayers when he sees that even the animals are now dying for their country.”


Coalition Against Sanctions chairman Cde Jimayi Muduvuri said ‘we are saying that the sanctions must go and this is why the Broad Alliance Against Sanctions is camped here since 2019. Negotiations to remove the sanctions have not yielded any results. We ask America to understand us and see how the sanctions have affected us the people of Zimbabwe. These sanctions are affecting everyone including us the disabled and we cannot continue to suffer like this. Look at the way COVID19 is affecting all countries whether rich or poor. What then will become of us with these illegally imposed sanctions.”


BAAS co-founder and spokesperson Cde Sally Ngoni thanked her counterparts for the support. “Thank you for remembering us because we have no mother or father here in the bush. Through this gesture we know that people at home appreciate our efforts. We longed for other organisations against sanctions to join hands so that America sees that we are a united people and therefore we are happy that Coalition Against Sanctions is here with us. We want America to know that we as the people of Zimbabwe will define our own democracy.”

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