By Tendai Moyo

Africa has passed the one point five million mark of covid19 cases, a WHO Africa update dated 4 October 2020 has revealed.

The number of cases stand at 1 505 244 cases with 36 319 deaths.

South Africa is topping the covid19 number of cases with 679 716 followed by Morocco whose cases stand at 131 228.

Egypt comes third with 103 575 cases followed by Ethiopia with 76 988 cases, then Nigeria comes on with with 59 287 cases followed by Algeria with 51 995 cases.

Ghana stands at 46 768 cases then Libya with 36 087.

South Africa still tops the list with covid19 deaths at 16 938 followed by Egypt with 5 970 covid19 deaths.

On third is Morocco with 2 293 thereafter Algeria with 1756 deaths. Ethiopia stands at 1 207, Nigeria 1 113, Sudan 836.

Eritrea still has not recorded any deaths even though it has 398 cases along with Seychelles which has 142 cases.

Zimbabwe stands at 7 858 cases with 228 deaths while her other neighbors Mozambique has 9 049 cases and 64 deaths, Zambia 14 830 cases and 333 deaths and Botswana 3 172 cases and 16 deaths.

Health officials have advised continued vigilance towards the fight against covid19 with proper washing of hands, sanitizing, practicing social distancing and avoiding crowded places where the chances of contracting the virus are high.

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