By Lonias Rozvi Majoni


Due to various socio-economic pull factors for migration, like education and lucrative business ventures, a number of Zimbabweans cross the borders and find new homes elsewhere. Sadly, after just a few minutes in the foreign lands some of citizens in the diaspora like Mary Ndoro suddenly began to speak about Zimbabwe with disdain and viewed the Nation from a Colonialist’s hateful gaze. At one point in time, she even came out guns blazing, holding a placard inscribed, ‘it’s too early to remove sanctions.”


These notorious fortune seekers, went on to taint the image of the country, insulting the Government and urinated on the Nation’s Pride and Heritage in order to please their imperialist paymasters.


However, the global pandemic, Covid 19 has come as a moment of reckoning. Even imperialists have been so affected to the extent that they have no time to sponsor mischievous elements. Their budgets are stretched beyond imaginations.


As the saying goes, home sweet home, henceforth there has been an influx of such elements into the country from the Covid hotspots like Britain, exposing millions of Zimbabweans to a high risk of Covid 19 infection.


However, the Zimbabwean Government upholds the Constitution and honors the rule of Law and respects citizens’ rights, which explains the admission into the country even of misfits like Ndoro who is on record for calling on the British Government in Britain to extend sanctions against Zimbabwe. Ndoro was also fingered and came out open as the brain behind the inhumane terror attack of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade and International Relations, General (Rtd) S.B Moyo where she poured unspecified liquid on him in London


It is commonly known that fools take pride in burning bridges. In addition, an African proverb further states clearly that it’s not wise to insult the crocodile before crossing the river. For Ndoro and company, all these wise insights were too expensive for them and no one could do anything about it until nature forcibly began to enlighten them through this global pandemic.


So Ndoro could not stand the heat in Europe and is part of the 65 returnees that camped at Belvedere.  But guess what, when she was in the UK, she vowed that she would never return to Zimbabwe because she will die on arrival because of ZANU PF. She even got an asylum for that. But now guess where she is. Belvedere at the expense of the same state and government that she has vilified and accused of having wanted to kill her.


A shona adage states that shiri ine muririro wayo, a mischievous person seldom leaves his/her evil ways. Ndoro was at it again, upon landing in Zimbabwe. It should be known that the Government, in as much as it cares for Zimbabweans in the diaspora who wish to return home, it has also put in place measures to avoid endangering local residents.


On that note, quarantine zones have been established countrywide for those coming from high risk areas to stay in isolation from the rest of Zimbabweans for a period of 14- 21 days in assessment. Alas, Ndoro led a pack of returnees in denying to stay at the prestigious Belvedere Teacher’s college and demanded to stay in Porsche Hotels.


Zimbabweans condemned these stupid antics by Ndoro and company as insensitive and snobbish behavior. At a time the whole world is at war with a mysteriously dangerous situation, it’s unexpected to see a group of selfish people acting in this silly manner.


Above all, the whole Ndoro story; which is one of fate and sharp vicissitudes of geographic fortunes, is packed with life lessons regarding to respect for values of humanity and National Pride and honor.


Ndoro has been in London through a false asylum claim, fattening her pockets through being used, claiming she was being persecuted by the Zimbabwean Government. Today, through a natural phenomenon, Ndoro, is back home, after haunting her political theatrical performance in the wake of Covid 19 and its catastrophes.


What a tough lesson? Welcome Home Ndoro. Stay in-doors, on those beds at Belvedere Teachers College for the next weeks. It’s covid19 pandemic situation and  no time for honeymoon.  

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