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Creative hands know no limits, especially if one has waste material at home. If one loves to make beautiful things and seek pleasure from doing so, then there are many things that you can create from waste material around you. Using waste material to make new objects is friendly for the environment too, so don't underestimate the importance of recycling. 


Unfortunately, our world gets polluted. And ironically this creates new business opportunities. Today one of the most innovative areas for starting up a new business is recycling. Hundreds of new recycling business ideas, new materials and methods emerge every year.


Speaking to this writer, EMA's Environmental Education and Publicity Manager, Ms Amkela Sidange from EMA, mentioned that, recycling business is a great win-win opportunity for us and the environment.

Even more, going green is a trend of today. Recycling business is the business of the future.

There are several opportunities in the environment that we can utilize during this lockdown by making Cash from Trash.

Waste generation at household level is definitely on the rise owing to the whole family being at home and that presents green opportunities for the families to segregate waste at source so as to recover recyclable material, compostable material and only realise less waste to be collected to the landfills.


"We are however discouraging households from leaving home to sell their recyclable materials to recycling companies but rather wait for waste takers that do door to door buying or even sell after covid19, thus we are encouraging segregate waste today and recycle tomorrow.


Also, this is opportune time to try out gardening using compost made from compostable waste. Several Community Based Organizations around the country are making a living from market gardening using waste from domestic waste and as EMA we encourage more of this green evolution gardening where bio-fertilizer is used.


"This can work well even on small spaces in our backyards or rooftops for those in high rise buildings.

This becomes a way of protecting the environment when waste is not dumped recklessly reducing pollution but is used to enhance nutrition" Sidange added.


There are several small items in domestic waste that can be recovered and put to productive usage for example egg trays as nursey beds, vegetable beds, tyres as vegetable beds, bottles for decoration, just landscaping in yards using especially beverage bottles.


For example, recycling tyres have been around since World War II. Considering all the tires that are still in landfills and other areas, recycling them is something desired by everyone.


However, it is a dirty job and finding the right companies to work with can be problematic. Still, if you can set up a tyre recycling business, the profit potential is considerable.


It’s time to also try out new skills in artefacts making use painted egg shells to make nice decoration, bottle tops, snack packaging and bread papers can make nice mats baskets, etc.

Some community based Organizations are making a living from selling eco-fertilizer made from waste, where they even add ash from their kitchen especially urbanites during load-shedding era, though environmentalists don’t encourage massive extraction of wood fuel.


With all the valuable materials that get dumped into a landfill happening every day, starting up the right type of recycling business offers a real opportunity to do something good for the environment and make a profit as well.

The only thing it takes is to come up with the best recycling business idea that one would like to work on, and well, start working on it.


Though this might be a tough task looking at the increasing number of recycling business ideas popping up almost every day because of the ongoing pollution across the world.


There could be several things made from waste materials at home. And these crafts can also help your kids in their classroom projects. Hence the best out of waste craft ideas are most suitable to reuse waste materials and decorate houses


Toxic waste can be dangerous and detrimental to health and bad for well-being of you and your family. It is important to get rid of them immediately. However, the other kind of waste can actually be a treasure trove! And it would be a great idea to reuse these waste.



When put to the right use, you can create useful things from waste material such as pretty handicrafts for homes, accessories or even toys for kids!

It's a great way to reduce the waste produced by houses and do the planet a favour.

It is fun and a creative way to keep children occupied in their waste management projects.


It is very important to get familiar with the government rules and regulations about running a recycling business. This will help to choose what types of items for recycling best fit one's business parameters.


However, you can choose the items that best suit your business goals. The good news is that everything you need to be successful can be found in your community, you just need to find it.

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