By Margaret Kamba


ZANU PF Secretary for Administration Cde Obert Mpofu has challenged his counterparts to write about the history of this country in order for future generations to appreciate it.


Many freedom fighters have documented their experiences of the liberation struggle among them Freedom Nyamubaya and Dr Ireen Mahamba who wrote the book Ndangariro, Professor Charles Pfukwa who penned A Moment in Time, Dr Felix Muchemwa and Agrippa Mutambara in an effort to share what transpired during the liberation struggle for Zimbabwe.


While many have not yet documented their experiences, efforts by newspapers like The Patriot are being made to document stories on the massacres in Nyadzonia, experiences by individuals among others.


Many of these experiences are documented among them Rhodesians Never Die penned by Peter Godwin and Ian Hancock, Charlton Chesterton’s The Real Case for Rhodesia, Paget of Rhodesia (A memoir of Edward, 5th Bishop of Mashonaland) by Geoffrey Gibbon, Perhaps Tomorrow by Tom Wigglesworth, One Man’s Vision penned by Rhodesian journalist-cum-writer W.D. Gale, Out of Shadow by Jason Wallace and The Reluctant President (The Memoirs of the Hon Clifford Dupont) by Clifford Dupont. These narratives are a typical Rhodesian mind of what it meant for Rhodies to never lose grip of this country. To them the ‘development’ would not be possible without them.


Speaking during the opening remarks of this week’s Policy meeting, Cde Mpofu noted that it is important to share this information for the benefit of future generations.


“I would like to invite you to start thinking of writing whatever you can about the great history of this great country. It’s a development curve that all of us has to exercise so that our children have something to know about what we did,” Cde Mpofu said.


“I also encourage that at individual level we should embark on such projects so as to ensure our political landscape can be cherished by future generations.”


Cde Mpofu recently got his book entitled "On the shoulders of struggle Memoirs of a political insider" published. The book which talks about the land question, Gukurahundi, power struggles and Operation Restore Legacy among other things was published by Lan Readers which is an imprint of Leaders for African Network Zimbabwe.

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