Don't cry for positions, Mash Central urged

Don’t cry for positions, Mash Central urged

By Shadreck Gurenje in Bindura

Party cadres has been urged to shun greediness and selfishness ahead of the upcoming District Coordinating Committee elections (DCCs).

The Revolutionary Party is expected to run the District Coordinating Committee elections of the remaining eight provinces to pave way for sound and conducive relations within the party structures. The recently ended 342th ordinary session of the Politburo therefore agreed to dispatch senior members across all province to disseminate the guidelines to these elections.

Addressing the extraordinary Mashonalnd Central PCC ZANU PF Secretary for Lands and Rural Resettlement Ambassador Cain Mathema said as Party leaders it is important to be loyal to the Party and the electorate.
Ambassador Mathema also said as the DCCs elections are around the corner it is imperative not to cry for positions citing that those with such tendencies are thieves.

"Now that DCCs are around as loyal cadres let's not cry for positions. let us conduct these elections in a free and transparent environment.If one loses he or she must accept the result and move together forward . " Ukaona munhu asingadi kudyiwa achiti ndiye ega anoda kuhwina munhu iyeye imbavha."said Ambassador Mathema.

Ambassador Mathema also said it only the Revolutionary Party that has fought for the liberation of the masses in Zimbabwe and the DCCs must be conducted in a Revolutionary manner that portrays the image of unity peace and development. Ambassador Mathema also touched on the issue of land and said it is the very critical and centre of Zimbabwe economy.

Ambassador Mathema also said President Mnangagwa has made it clear that the land reform is irreversible.
"President Mnangagwa has made it clear that our land is our heritage and it is irreversible.Our President has been leading in the front during the liberation struggle and he knows how important land is to the majority and what is need is to support our President Cde ED Mnangagwa in building our nation."said Ambassador Mathema. Ambassador Mathema also urged the Mashonalnd Central province to emulate President Mnangagwa who has exercised the highest degree of commitment in being a listening leader.

"Our President is a listening President .He involve and consult everyone in Politburo and cabinet before he comes to a conclusion.He is very much aware of our welfare and he is making efforts to satisfy every indeginous people in Zimbabwe."said Ambassador Mathema.

Ambassador Mathema also said those who will be elected in the DCCs must know that no one is above the Party and be submissive to the electorate.

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