By Kudzai Furusa

ZANU PF's acting Secretary for the Information and Publicity Department and National Spokesperson Cde Patrick Chinamasa has warned EFF’s South African opposition party leader Julius Malema not to meddle in Zimbabwe’s politics.

Cde Chinamasa said this at a press briefing on the Global Compensation Agreement for the white commercial farmers at the ZANU PF Headquarters in Harare where he highlighted that the EFF is not Zimbabwe’s opposition party.

“For the education of Mr Malema and his Moribund band, they must know that firstly, they are not Zimbabwe’s official opposition party. We have enough headaches from the foreign recruited and funded opposition and its foreign funded NGOs who for the information of the public, are in excess of 5000 and for a small country such as ours which has a population of not more than 15mil," Cde Chinamasa said.

“It is very clear we are not short of enemies by reason of our revolutionary stance on behalf of the people and all oppressed people of the world. So we say to Julius Malema, don’t add the EFF to the list of our enemies. We have one too many enemies.”

Cde Chinamasa highlighted that the EFF is being misguided by the G40 through “misinformation and disinformation fed to him by G40 labels who are exiled there and whom I must point out are rebels without a cause.”

Cde Chinamasa went on to tell Malema to school himself in the Zimbabwean Constitution before he starts bad mouthing ZANU PF.

“Mr Malema, you have a tendency of using your loud mouth to speak on subjects you know nothing about. You have not bothered to read our Constitution. For the record our current Constitution was approved in a national referendum and by Parliament in 2013," he said.

“I want to say this to Mr Malema, making inflammatory speeches and downing red work suits and berets do not make a revolution. A true revolutionary which by the way, you are not first and foremost, would acquaint himself with the concrete situation he is facing and would plot step by step the tactics and strategies on how he can attain his revolutionary goal.

“Perhaps unwittingly, the EFF under Julius Malema’s leadership want to take the people of Zimbabwe back to the era of oppression. Mr Malema you chose the path of disunity and what have you achieved besides making noises, nothing. ZANU PF says for God’s sake, stop poking your G40 scented nose in Zimbabwe’s domestic affairs.”

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