Embrace hardworking syndrome, women urged .......as Frist Lady commisioned pushcates for women empowerment

Embrace hardworking syndrome, women urged .......as Frist Lady commisioned pushcates for women empowerment

Embrace hardworking syndrome, women urged …….as Frist Lady commisioned pushcates for women empowerment


By Ransom Mandhlazi in Bulawayo

FIRST Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa through her foundation Angel of Hope in partnership with Varun beverages, PEPSI yesterday commisioned pushcarts for Bulawayo women under an empowerment programe which will enable effective selling of the commodity as prescribed by local authorities.

The intiative will see 500 women from Bulawayo benefiting by year end, with the first phase expecting to empower 100 women by the first quarter of the year.

Commissioning the 100 Pepsi vending push carts at Sizinda grounds, in Bulawayo South constituency, First Lady, Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa said Pepsi was empowering the nation as women constitute the biggest population in the country.

“Women empowerment increases the capacity of individuals and groups to make choices and transform their choices into desired actions and outcome.

The First Lady encouraged women to move away from the dependency syndrome, but to use their hands to help feed their homes.

“It is the ‘can do factor’ shifting away from ‘I can’t to I can”. When women are given the resources to successfully lead their own projects work towards their goals and drive their career, we call that development. Pespi has brought development to our women, " she said.

Deputy Minister Modi, who is the legislator for the area, said in partnership with Pepsi, he was empowering women as they were always victims of abuse in communities.

“Most of them do not have any financial freedom,” he said.

“Therefore, it is better to give them the fishing rod instead of giving them the fish. That is what we are doing today, giving them the push cart and free ice and the product at wholesale price, which they can sell at a reasonable price to the public, he added

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