By Margaret Kamba

The New Dispensation's policy on engagement and re-engagement is paying dividends as witnessed by this week's official handover of agricultural equipment from the Belarusian government.

This gesture comes as the country prepares itself for the summer cropping season which promises to be a good season to ensure a food sufficient nation.

Zimbabwe is an agrarian state which witnessed a land acquisition process born on the back of the lives and maiming of the gallant sons and daughters of Zimbabwe.

This has seen over 300 000 black people benefitting from the Land Reform Programme and allowing them to contribute meaningfully to the growth of their country.

Speaking ahead of the launch by President and First Secretary of ZANU PF Cde E.D Mnangagwa today, Minister of Agriculture Dr Anxious Masuka highlighted the benefits of the facility.

"The Minister for industry for Belarus is here for the launch of the Belarus mechanisation facility which will go a long way in ensuring that we sufficiently capacitate Zimbabwean farmers to produce," the Minister said.

"We are excited that the first tranche of 163 tractors, 19 combine harvesters will be officially launched tomorrow. But more importantly the remainder of the equipment the bulk of that will be received before the end of the year."

The Minister added that more benefits are sure to accrue from this relationship.

"While they are hear we have also begun negotiating for a second tranche which is even more exciting in that this is another $50 million tranche from Belarusian again strengthen agricultural capacity. As you know we are transforming agriculture so that Zimbabwe can become food secure again," he said.

"This is a unique relationship in that it brings with it an after sales service and for that matter one which will go a long way in transfer of skills and ensuring that these units will be utilized and also prolong the lives of the various units of combine harvesters with tractors."

Belarusian Minister Piotr Parhomchik gave testimony to a great country to country relationship.

"The purpose of our visit is to further the relationship and the agreements of the 2020-21 agreements and the opening of the mechanisation facility and to deliver on our part what we agreed from the part of Belarus. We have delivered 467 tractors and 60 combine harvesters, 200 cultivators," he said.

"We discussed with the President today the opening of a service center for all vehicles that are here in the country.

"Today we did an inspection of the center and we are hoping that in the next two months there will be the official grand opening of the service center that will be able to receive the vehicles."

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