First Lady performs chores for the elderly

First Lady performs chores for the elderly

First Lady performs chores for the elderly


_By Ransom Mandhlazi in Norton - ZANU PF Information Department_

FIRST LADY Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa, through her philanthropic foundation, Angel of Hope in partnership with churches, traditional leaders’ wives and various local leaders, today visited the elderly in Katanga Norton and performed chores around their homes. The First Lady also urged people not to neglect their parents, but embrace family unity.

With the memory of Christmas still fresh, the First Lady re-ignited the spirit of love, care and sharing among the Norton community.

Amai Mnangagwa spent the better part of the day with the elderly, expressing empathy in a down to earth manner. She cooked and ate with them, did laundry and cleaned their homes.

The First Lady handed over an assortment of groceries, blankets and pre-natal preparation for pregnant women. After cleaning and visiting the elderly, she preached love, unity and caring for one another. She implored communities to always look after the elderly and less-privileged.

Addressing the elderly from Chegutu Administration district and community members at Dudley Hall primary school in Norton, Amai Mnangagwa urged daughters in law (varoora) and young women to be on the lead in taking care of the elderly in the community and spearhead family unity including in extended families.

She urged the community to always practise good hygiene, saying cleanliness was the symbol of a warm home as it reduced the chances of people being affected by diseases.

An elated Gogo Sinodia Maimbodei (79) of Katanga applauded the First Lady saying her gesture was the first of its kind in the area from such offices.
“We have never seen such a thing. She is the First Lady, but she humbled herself as a daughter-in-law, spending time with her mothers-in-law,” she said.

“It is a kind and loving gesture. As a community, we are humbled. This is a unique programme that has never happened before. Her actions bring people together because she was not selective. We hope the community will treasure this lesson for a long time to come,” she added.

Furthermore, the Norton community and Chegutu administration district thanked the First Lady, for the gesture which was apolitical but was meant for the development of the area.

Giving a vote of thanks, Norton Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa applauded the First Lady by breaking the barrier of political affiliation and visited an area where the MP is independent and councillors are from the main opposition.

“You are the mother of the nation. You have shamed Satan, you have shamed our detractors, and you rose above politics. You are development minded and your love goes beyond politics. I thank you, “said Mliswa.

10 heifers were donated to the First Lady to help her build her herd to feed the underprivileged. There were also 50 roadrunner chickens and 3 pigs for a revolving piggery project.

Chegutu Rural District offered 20 hectares of land where a hospital will be built in partnership with Angel of Hope and expected to be finished by year end.

The District later invited Amai Mnangagwa to spearhead the building of a secondary school in Chegutu urban, which is to be named after the First Lady, Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa.

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