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First Secretary’s Update on Zimbabwe is Open for Business

During the Central Committee Session in Harare on 29 March 2019 the Fisrt Secretary said through the “Zimbabwe is Open for Business” mantra, many new opportunities are opening up. We continue to review and adjust policies according to the needs and realities of our time. The fundamental principles of the Party will never change. The strategy remains the same but the tactics will differ from time to time. The various innovative ways of achieving the development our people so deserve, must never be viewed as an ideological contradiction but a matter of strategy.
As leaders this should be clear to us, so that we provide the appropriate guidance to our membership.

The supremacy of the Party as a philosophy, is the ideal which we must concertedly work to achieve, cognisant that Government is a product of the Party. Going forward, let us continue to engage in a robust debate to sharpen how the Party expresses its superiority. This, however, should never affect the smooth running of our Party and Governement programmes.

Meanwhile, the Party is a party only if it has members. All wings of the Party must daily implement programmes and activities that retain the current members, while also attracting new ones. We must be more accommodating as a Party. The Party is for everyone, farmers, workers, veterans, young and older women alike, the youth, business people, the formal and informally employed, professionals and the unskilled labourers as well as both the urban and rural folk. We are a mass party. Hence our mobilization and recruitment strategies must be crafted accordingly.

In addition, organisational order, discipline and loyalty are vital for a successful Party.In view of the vicious peddling of a barrage of false, divisive and alarmist news by our detractors, all of us at every level must be able to articulate Party policies and defend the Party and its leadership at all times.

Every member of the Party must therefore study the Party Constitution, appreciate our Election Manifesto, Congress and Conference Resolutions, decisions of the Central Committee and the various Speeches the leadership makes from time to time.Collectively, these must be the beacon that guide and informs the programmes we undertake as a Party.

We should never turn a blind eye to serious violations of the rights and interests of our membership and the people as a whole. As the leadership of the Party let us work for satisfaction of the people and correct any policies and practices that they are not happy about.Let us diligently execute our duties and responsibilities, moving forward in unity and harmony. Our mantra is the will of the people all the time.