By Ransom Mandhlazi


SOUTH African opposition Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) party leader, Julius Sello Malema, has exposed the G40 cabal, led by exiled fugitives like Saviour Kasukuwere as the hand behind his sudden aggression on the New Dispensation and person of President E.D Mnangagwa.

Malema has been nurturing a relationship with the G40 ever since the passing on of former President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe, where he nicodemously appeared at his house for body viewing.

His acquaintance with the G40 grouping in South Africa led to some members to make statements during an EFF rally that prompted the government of South Africa to give a stern warning that it will not hesitate to deport them from South Africa with Saviour Kasukuwere and Patrick Zhuwao being the chief culprits.

Malema called for the removal of the Zimbabwean Embassy in South Africa on some trumped up allegations of human rights abuses.

Speaking during a press briefing, Acting ZANU PF Secretary for Information and Publicity Cde Patrick Chinamasa said Malema should stop being a mouthpiece of the exiled G40 and focus on South African affairs.

“For the education of Malema and his moribund band, they should be reminded that they are not Zimbabwe’s official opposition party. There are enough headaches already from the foreign recruited and funded MDC,” said Cde Chinamasa

Making reference to the Global Compensation Deed Agreement, Malema continues to display his ignorance on the land question in Zimbabwe through his reckless utterances and a lack of Pan-Africanist ideology further exposing his ignorance concerning the origins of Zimbabwe’s woes.

“This Government which is compensating land thieves for land which was acquired through a revolutionary process, has declared the people of Zimbabwe as enemies...,” read part of the statement.

To which, Cde Chinamasa responded, “While educating him correctly of the Party and country’s position regarding land issues in Zimbabwe, instead of chuff that he continues to be fed by the self-exiled G40 cabal in South Africa,” explained Cde Chinamasa.

“This Agreement is imperative as the Party believes that going forward, there won’t be any issues regarding the land issue and that the country won’t be chastised for the land question by the former white farmers and their associates locally and internationally.

“Now that the land question has been dealt with, the Revolutionary Party calls the splitting remnants of MDC Alliance to therefore call for the removal of the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.

“Meanwhile, the Revolutionary Party has noted with concern that the EFF party led by Julius Malema has swallowed hook, line and sinker, the misinformation and disinformation fed to them by G40 rebels without cause, self-exiled in South Africa.”

Cde Chinamasa said this leaves a question on who is funding Malema as his continued derailment of South Africa’s Revolutionary march towards empowering blacks is disturbing.

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