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Government has proven that it is supporting youth projects just as the First Secretary of ZANU PF and President His Excellency Cde E.D Mnangagwa has always highlighted that the New Dispensation will not leave anyone behind.

This was highlighted by the Deputy Minister of National Housing and Social Amenities, Cde Yeukai Simbanegavi during the tour of the Diamond Park housing project in Melfort, Mashonaland East Province on Thursday last week.

The ZANU PF manifesto is being fulfilled through these housing projects and by empowering the youths.

This housing project at Diamond Park is true testimony that President Mnangagwa’s vision 2030 of becoming a middle income economy status is possible.

“The Project is not specifically a youth project but youth friendly. We want to be able to accommodate the youths. We are designing programmes which youths can fit into since they do not have any collateral," the Deputy Minister said.

"As a Ministry, we have been moving around the country encouraging local authorities to consider the youths in terms of housing."

Deputy Minister Simbanegavi went on to say that each and every programme and scheme should have a deliberate youth programme.

“Most youths do not have money to join most development projects which only the elite can fit in, therefore each scheme should have at least a deliberate youth programme," she said.

"A few stands have to be afforded to the youths for them to be able to build affordable proper housing and these places should be having the right social amenities, roads, water, electricity or maybe green energy. The areas should be neat and with proper types of housing."

Deputy Minister Simbanegavi also said that she came representing her Ministry whose mandate is to see and make sure that everyone especially the youth get a place to stay which is lawful and with the right social amenities, with water and electricity.

"The Ministry was formed to create housing for people across the country, thereby fulfilling the ZANU PF manifesto of providing housing for all. As a Ministry we are taking back land from the so called land barons who are abusing land and with land they are not utilising and selling it to people who will pay with what they can afford,” she said.

She went on to say that the good thing about Goromonzi is that it can accommodate people from Harare thereby decongesting Harare.

“This programme is for people to pay what they can afford and not abuse each other making people pay what they cannot afford," she said.

"Roads are being fixed and we want serious youths as it is the youths we are trying to empower. We want the youths to be serious and not waste this opportunity.”

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