By David Mwanza


The Chinese mining company whose manager shot and killed one of its employees, Kennedy Tachiona, has been commended for acknowledging and offering compensation to the deceased’s family.

In a show of remorse, the company’s senior management together with members of the Chinese business community in Gweru also met Chief Gambiza of Chiwundura area in Gweru to express their regret on the unfortunate incident.

Reporting on the gesture on social media former The Herald Editor, Tichaona Zindoga tweeted, “Chinese business community in Gweru today visited the family of Kennedy Tachiona who was shot three times in the legs by a manager at Reden Gold Mine in a pay dispute. Mine owners pledged compensation and also met Chief Gambiza of Chiwundura.”

Australia based Clinical Trials and Project Management Specialist, Thabisa Sibanda, commended the gesture by the Gweru based Chinese community and Reden Gold Mine senior management.

He tweeted, “The company is acting responsibly here by acknowledging the incident, apologising and offering compensation. This should be applauded. The business of not apologising is evil.”

The Chinese Embassy in Harare on Monday issued a stamen warning its citizens against violating the laws of the country.

“We are highly concerned about the case in which a Chinese employee of a private Chinese company near Gweru shot and injured a local employee due to a wage dispute yesterday.

“Although this is an isolated incident and the Embassy has now law enforcement authority over the enterprise, we firmly support Zimbabwe’s law enforcement agencies to transparently and openly investigate and handle the case in accordance with the law of Zimbabwe. Any possible illegal acts and persons who violate the law should not be shielded,” read the statement.

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