By Margaret Kamba

President E.D Mnangagwa has wished the African Continent a happy Africa Day amidst calls for African citizens to cherish the sacrifices by its sons and daughters against colonial rule.

Zimbabwe joins Africa in celebrating Africa day, which is set aside to reflect upon the beauty of Africa outside all forms of colonialism and being celebrated under the theme ‘Silencing the guns by 2020'. 

President E.D Mnangagwa was explicit in thanking the continent for its support against the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe and for the joint effort in the existing threat of the Corona Virus Disease, Covid-19 pandemic.

"Let this year's celebration serve to remind us all of the sacrifices made by the thousands of living and departed brave sons and daughters of our continent who took up arms to end colonial rule. They are heroes of our lands, heroes of Africa," President Mnangagwa said.

"Today we face a new and invisible threat to Africa and the world, that of Covid-19. We must therefore continue with the concerted efforts towards a Continental response and a united global response under the WHO guidelines. Covid-19 knows no borders.

"As we commemorate and celebrate the unity of our Continent, we in Zimbabwe deeply thank our SADC region and the whole continent of Africa for standing with us. Africa has rejected and denounced the illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe and Sudan.”

Cde Mnangagwa said there is need for Africa to harness its resources for the development of the continent.

"Conscious of Agenda 2063, we must continue to explore and exploit our vast natural resources. The value addition and beneficiation of our various resource endowments must be harnessed to modernise and industrialise Africa's economies," said Cde Mnangagwa.

"Furthermore, we must continue to consolidate and deepen the culture of democracy and good governance bequeathed to us by our founding fathers. We cannot be taught democracy by those countries which unleashed colonialism against us.”

In his Africa Day message, Namibian President Haige Geingob also tweeted “On this noteworthy day, Africa day, Africans from all corners of the globe come together under the banner of Pan-African solidarity, to celebrate a day which symbolizes our victory over the yoke of colonial oppression. #AfricaDay

As espoused in our blueprint for the future of our continent, #Agenda2063, it is a day on which we express “our Pan-African drive for unity, freedom, progress and collective prosperity”.

Today we celebrate African pride, unity, and determination. Pride in our heritage, culture, and determination to continue the struggle of our forefathers to transform Africa into a global powerhouse. #AFRICADAY #AFRICAWEWANT”

 Former AU commission chair and now Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs in South Africa, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma also tweeted “I wish all the children of Africa a happy #AfricaDay2020. As we face a global pandemic, our solidarity and unity will see us through. Our determination, creativity and resolve will drive the cultural and economic potential of our continent. #AfricaDay2020

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