High time Gvt brings sanity to Town House

High time Gvt brings sanity to Town House

High time Gvt brings sanity to Town House

High time Gvt brings sanity to Town House

By Ndafadza Madanha

The recall of Jacob Mafume as Harare mayor by the People's Democratic Party barely 30 days after his election must serve to galvanise Government into  restoring order at Town House.

The plethora of opposition factions that dominate Town House are busy tearing themselves apart in pursuit of their self serving interests much to the detriment of service provision.

While the circus shows no signs of ending it is residents of Harare who have suffered in recent years owing to the leadership battles within opposition ranks.

Compounding issues at Town House is the corruption scandals that have engulfed and sucked in councillors and senior management including the town clerk.

The crisis at Town House is replicated across all urban councils which are dominated by the opposition and now threaten to derail not only service provision but Vision 2030.

Under such circumstances it is imperative Government move in to restore order at Town House and other urban councils.

Central Government through the Local Government  ministry has a claer and unambigious mandate under our laws to intervene when there is a complete breakdown of service provision in local authorities as clearly evidenced in the MDC run councils.

Town House cannot be used by the MDC as an arena to resolve political contestation at the expense of service delivery.

Vision 2030 cannot be achieved when the seat of Government and Capital lays in ruins owing to the mismanagement of Town House.

As the MDC is consumed by internal discord urban residents cannot be collateral damage to its power politics.

Government has both a moral and legal obligation to step in and avert a catastrophe that seemingly faces the residents of Harare.

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