By Lonias Majoni


Beleaguered Jonatan is a political King Midas in reverse! In tracing his political journey thus far; everything that he sets his mind on or gets involved with, ends in disaster.



To strike the keynote, before pursuing the tune; the recent Supreme Court ruling is a closer reference that indeed Jonatan is somehow a born loser. Following his flight of shame, after escaping the claws of Justice during Operation Restore Legacy, he reconnoitred in fugitive and began to hatch another ignoble plan against the Government of Zimbabwe.


Circumstances have made him become strange bed fellows with Nelson Chamisa and the fracturing MDC Alliance as he is said to have been the brains behind their poor election campaign. The MDC A lost the elections. That initiative was not only a straining futile exercise, but a reminder that indeed the fugitive Professor Jonatan is a certified loser.



The entire life of the fugitive man has been filled with lugubrious testimonies. In the 70s, Jonatan was assigned by the Rhodesians to spy on ZANLA cadres who were fighting to liberate Zimbabwe. The mission was not a successful one as the Professor took to his heels upon realizing that his evil machinations had been exposed.


Generally, throughout his political career, he has been the ultimate loser. He is reported to have been sacked by Ford Foundation in the late 90s after embezzling thousands of dollars during his tenure as a programs officer.


As a visiting Professor at the Witwatersrand, he is reported to have been involved in academic fraudulent activities involving plagiarising unsuspecting students’ thesis.


The Professor later got another chance to work for the Government of Zimbabwe on various occasions, but he was always offside.


As a cabinet minister he was at the centre of the Tsholotsho Stadium scandal in which thousands of dollars where embezzled while many elephants were killed under unclear circumstances. The Wikileaks cable reveal that in 2007, Jonatan voiced support for sanctions against Zimbabwe. After his admission into ZANU PF he viciously opposed the sanctions which he again is supporting now. Yes, that’s Jonatan for you.



As if that was not enough, Jonathan was at the centre of causing havoc and division in the ruling party, ZANUPF, capturing State Institutions for his selfish gains, with the aim of creating a titular presidency that he would remote control. Further, he was involved in the embezzlement of ZIMDEF funds. Consequently, he had to run away from justice. The aftermath of his expulsion was the afore-mentioned touch of death which has again caused Chamisa to lose the leadership of the opposition that he so dearly envies to lead.


The sordid political life of Jonatan is a story of calamity, vanity upon vanity and endless flows of futility and failure.


I hope he will not touch political bombs in Nairobi. The right time for him to try a new venture, probably a pastor is now Jonatan.

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