Let’s preserve our wetlands

Let’s preserve our wetlands

Let’s preserve our wetlands


By Margaret Kamba

ZANU PF will join the rest of the world in commemorating World Wetlands Day which is celebrated annually on the 2nd of February.
The day is meant to raise global awareness on the vital role of wetlands for people and the planet. This day also marks the date of the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands on 2 February 1971, in the Iranian city of Ramsar on the shores of the Caspian Sea.
This year the theme is “Wetland Biodiversity Matters.” This year’s celebrations will be done in Driefontein, Masvingo.
Director of Environment and Tourism Cde Stewart Mutizwa said the Party values the value of wetlands.
“As the ZANU PF Party we are saying that wetlands must be preserved and we castigate land barons parcelling out land on wetlands and promoting the construction of buildings on wetlands. It is everyone’s responsibility to preserve the wetlands because of the value that they give us.”
Wetlands include marshes, ponds, lakes, fens, rivers, floodplains and swamps. They are importance because they protect and improve water quality, provide fish and wildlife habitats, store floodwaters and maintain surface water flow during dry periods.

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What is ZANU PF? Zimbabwe African National Union- Patriotic Front (Zanu PF) is a total Political, Indigenous Economic Emancipation and a National Liberation Movement Package for Zimbabweans by Zimbabweans prepared to shed their blood in defence of their Sovereignty at all times. Its a liberation movement which thrives on and cherishes National Unity which has created the sound condition of Peace and Security which Zimbabwe has enjoyed and a rare gift many countries dream of. Is driven by its Democratic African Values where the leadership is accountable to the membership which elected it, hence the holding of District Conferences, the Annual People’s Conference and the National People’s Congress. Aims and Objectives To establish and sustain a society that cherishes African Values and to create conditions for economic independence, prosperity and equitable distribution of wealth of the nation. To preserve and defend the National Sovereignty and Independence of Zimbabwe. To Uphold and apply fully the rule of Law, Equality before the law and Equality of opportunities for all people in Zimbabwe, regardless of race, tribe sex, religion or origin. Continue to participate in the worldwide struggle for the complete eradication of imperialism, colonialism and all forms of racism. To support and promote all effects for the attainment of the Pan African goal for the complete independence and unity of African states. To oppose resolutely, tribalism, regionalism and forms of exploitation of man by man.

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