Mamombe, Marova and Chimbiri arrested for insulting Army officers

Mamombe, Marova and Chimbiri arrested for insulting Army officers

Mamombe, Marova and Chimbiri arrested for insulting Army officers

Mamombe, Marova and Chimbiri arrested for insulting Army officers


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MDC-A drama queen Cecelia Chimbiri was this afternoon arrested alongside her two colleagues,
Joana Mamombe and Netsai Marova after Chimbiri insulted Army officials who had stopped the
vehicle a toyota belta they were travelling in at Corner Jason Moyo and Rotten Row.
The vehicle registration number AEW 9744 was being driven by their lawyer Obey Shava.
After realising the gravity of her matter, Chimbiri theatrically started crying in the middle of the road
accusing one of the Army details of beating her.


Advocate Thabani Mpofu who also arrived at the scene shortly after the trio’s arrest tried in vain “to
de-escalate the matter” but his efforts were failed by Chimbiri’s antics as she tried to divert
attention from her case of insulting the Army details to false claims of being assaulted.
Advocate Mpofu was vividly disappointed by the conduct of Chimbiri.
A passer-by Trymore Ndlovu who witnessed the drama unfold narrated the story to the ZANU PF
Department of Information.


“A Toyota Belta approached the Jason Moyo and Rotten Row robots at around midday. The driver, a
male who later identified himself as a lawyer; slowed down in a way that suggested compliance with
the Police Officers who had waved him to stop for routine checks.
“But alas, before the officer could speak much, the three passengers, whom I identified as MDC
activists, Joana Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova began to shouting at the security
officers, spewing gross insults which my hold tongue find it difficult to utter,” said Ndlovu.
He added: “Other Police officers moved towards the car as well as two members of the Army. I
clearly saw one member of the military tapping the rear window and one of the ladies opened the
door shouting.


“The Military guy probed for the reasons behind their insults and eventually Cecilia took not time to
burst into a loud exaggerated cry as if she had amplifiers implanted on her thorax. As if that was not
enough she began to disfigure her face, crying and shouting that she had been heavily whipped.”
The trio and their lawyer were then instructed to go to Harare Central Police station.
“Immediately the security officers stepped a few yards from them, but commanded them to remain
where they were. I moved a bit closer and asked the three ladies why they were insulting the
officers, but they denied vehemently.


“At that point, Advocate Thabani Mpofu arrived and asked Cecilia to stop her tantrums, appealing to
the security forces for the ‘descalation’ of the whole situation as he said it. However, the security
forces advised Advocate Mpofu that they would not make any decision, but rather advised Advocate
Mpofu that they would only act on instructions from their superiors.
“In no time another Police vehicle arrived and through the counsel of Advocate Mpofu, the girls
were advised to follow the police vehicle to the Station, together with one of the security guys who
were manning the roadblock. Advocate Mpofu also publicly rebuked Chimbiri on her failure to
cooperate with the Police.” said Ndlovu.

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