Mbira festival up the cards

Mbira festival up the cards

Mbira festival up the cards


By Margaret Kamba

Dzepamvura Mbira Arts Centre is scheduled to host a mbira festival ahead of this year’s independence celebrations.
Zimbabwe turns 40 on 18 April thanks to the hard won independence which saw many gallant sons and daughters of the soil being maimed while others lost their lives to free the country from colonial rule.
Director for the arts centre Valiant Kandororo said the aim of the event is to prepare the country to its independence celebrations.
“We are reviving our culture and Zimbabwean tradition through Mbira ahead of the 40th independence celebrations. We want people to go to the celebrations having been taught about the normal and abnormal values of the Bantu people so that we preserve our tangible and intangible heritage,” Kandororo said.
“We are targeting students and we will hold workshops on how to build the mbira from scratch from the mvamaropa tree, attaching rods sounding board, curving until the final product.”
The festival to be held in Norton will witness exhibitions, a workshop and a bira.

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