By Shadreck Gurenje

Citizens across the nation have blasted and condemned the dirty conspiracy currently being staged by the unrepentant opposition of protesting against the national health precautionary measure introduced to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus.


This comes after some rogue MDC Alliance thugs ganged up in a show of disrespect to the public health standards and carried out an unsanctioned demonstration in Warren Park which totally breached the coronavirus lockdown benchmarks.


The demonstrations led by Harare West MP Joana Mamombe and two other female MDC Alliance who are now purported to be missing in a typical Magombeyi style as claimed by the misleading voice of the western sponsored Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights and some members of the opposition party endangered the Warren Park to covid19 pandemic constituency although they were ignored by many residents.


Mamombe a member of parliament from one of the many factions of MDCs demonstrated the highest degree of arrogance and gross incompetence as a legislator and lawmaker in acting in such a ferocious manner inciting the young people to join her in breaking the law and risking their lives. This also happened in a constituency which is not hers, and the sitting MP there did not even bother to attend nor join despite coming from one of the factions.


Anorld Moyo, a resident from Warren Park D has condemned the western sponsored diabolic plots by MDC Alliance which continuously mislead innocent citizens saying it is high time the opposition should revisit their political strategies and be mature in the game.


“We are fade up with these western puppets who want to milk and win innocent minds of ordinary Zimbabweans by their dirty games. We are very much aware that it is the game of the western hand and as patriotic Zimbabweans we are not going to be misled by these heartless people,” said Moyo.


Former Zimbabwean diplomat Jacqueline Zwambila who was with the MDC has on her twitter handle dismissed the abduction claims of the MDC trio of embattled renegades saying Zimbabwe is currently concentration on fighting the deadly covid-19 pandemic.


“There is no abduction. What would be so strategic to kidnap Mamombe at all? If you recall Zimbabwe is under lockdown and leading a demo as well as no physical distancing and masks would raise authorities’ ire. Is this what Job Sikhala was referring to as action perhaps, “said Zwambila.


Ms Zwambila was with Morgan Tsvangirai's opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change, and was appointed ambassador under a power-sharing deal in the old dispensation. Part of the deal saw MDC-aligned diplomats sent to Australia, Germany, Sudan, Nigeria and Senegal.


Masimba Cheza, an MDC sympathiser from Warren Park also echoed the same sentiments saying that Zimbabweans from all walks of life should not be misled by renegades from the MDC Alliance who masquerades as human rights activists yet they have a hidden western agenda to destroy our peace and harmony.


“We may have different political preferences, but we are one nation. The people of Zimbabwe must respect our President Cde ED Mnangagwa to lead the nation in the fight against COVID-19. This is the voice of the people and everyone should respect it” Cheza.


The Zimbabwe Republic Police has also dismissed as incorrect the claims that the MDC trio where under their custody, saying they are actually looking for them. Police Spokesperson Ass Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed to this department that no one was arrested yesterday nor put in any custody but it appears the culprits behind the violations of the law yesterday are playing a usual script and will be required to explain their actions as investigations proceed. He also lamented that the trio is mobilizing people to call him and drop unprintable messages attacking him and threatening his family in a clear show that this is a rehearsed and choreographed script.


The MDCs with the assistance of western diplomatic missions in Zimbabwe particularly the US embassy, EU ambassador and the UK embassy has a history of faking abductions in a desperate bid to re-launch a waning movement that has split severally and is currently splitting further. Faking abductions also earns them money from gullible donors.

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