MDC Alliance Workers’ Pay Wrangles Headlines May Day

MDC Alliance Workers’ Pay Wrangles Headlines May Day

MDC Alliance Workers’ Pay Wrangles Headlines May Day


By Lonias Rozvi Majoni


The International Worker’s Day Commemoration has not only been dampened by the prevailing Covid19 pandemic, but also by the disturbing news of exploitation of workers by former opposition leader and current MDC-A secretary for policy and research Mr Nelson Chamisa.


In an incident that has angered many, Chamisa is said to have failed to pay Party workers for the last two months when he was still at the helm of the Party. This comes against the backdrop of the former leader’s alleged embezzlement of party funds, a situation that has prompted an audit in the MDC Alliance.


MDC A is a party that claims to be a child of workers’ movements fronted by ZCTU and claims that it seeks to improve the welfare of workers. Surprisingly, Chamisa and the ZCTU’s hypocrisy continues to be apparent as the exploitation of workers continues under their watch.


As the nation prepare to celebrate the May Day on 1 May, the ZCTU has remained conspicuously quiet and turning a blind eye on the numerous cases of systematic workers’ exploitation in the MDC. Since the Daily News broke the story on their front page, the ZCTU is yet to say something.


Regarding to exploitation of workers, Chamisa never disappoints! In June 2019, Chamisa reportedly fired about 145 workers in a ruthless manner and the ZCTU did nothing. The ZCTU has seen nothing bad with that, taking a ‘hear no evil, see no evil’ approach. This has seen various workers questioning the integrity of the ZCTU, in terms of whether it is still a workers’ union or a moribund group of MDCA proxies that only talks about workers when it is convenient.


The paradoxes go back as far as 2015 when Chamisa led the Zuva Petroleum legal team to an infamous court case that resulted in over 20 000 workers losing their jobs.


As the workers celebrate their day tomorrow, it is essential to reflect on the key question of whether they still have a workers’ union or they need another given the monumental raw deal given to them by the ZCTU.

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