The MDCs approach of spinning ordinary accidents involving their excitable characters as caused by third hands should be dismissed as primitive and barbaric.


Last time it was their amateurish Marondera MP Caston Matewu saying it was a ZANU PF car that caused him to lose control of his vehicle and veered off the road. He also lied that he was coming from a #covid19 meeting.


In his own words, Matewu attempted to play clever boy saying "As we drove along Longlands road a car with no plates was speeding straight at us so we decided to veer of the road to avoid a direct hit, unfortunately the car went on to hit a tree, 2 minutes after a ZANU Pf branded vehicle arrived at the scene carrying people, before they got off a twin cab with Soldiers then arrived who then assisted us by ordering our assistance and calling an ambulance."


However, as reported in the News Day, this was all false as one of the passengers revealed further details telling News Day that the MP was speeding and lost control of the vehicle while coming from an outing near Rufaro Dam.


“He was speeding and I did not see anything in the front. I remember the vehicle ploughing into trees before I found myself being ferried to the hospital. We were coming from an outing just after Rufaro Dam,” the passenger recalled.


An eye witness who narrated how the accident happened said the speeding vehicle veered off the road and they had to trace its whereabouts through a car radio that was churning out music.


The MDC (not sure which MDC though) Marondera MP was also accused of over-speeding under the influence of alcohol while romancing a female passenger.


Today, fake news sites appear to be playing politics with an ordinary accident involving Hon Amos Chibaya. Where people should be wishing him a quick recovery, others are bent on already suggesting foul play from the comfort of their homes, without knowledge of how the accident happened.


If the idiots in the MDCs think they are accident proof, then it is high time they know accidents know no political party. Accidents happen to ZANU PF members too, businessmen, ordinary people, church pastors etc.


Just a week ago, a security detail to the First Lady Amai Mnangagwa was buried after succumbing to injuries sustained in an accident. This is clear testimony that indeed, accident do happen. That is why they are called accidents.  


This notion that a party or individual can salvage political sympathies out of an accident by pointing to non-existent plots, is no different from last year's scourge of fake abductions by desperate fortune seekers which must be condemned as utter rubbish.


If anyone thought that raising conspiracy theories with regards to Chibaya's accident will divert people's attention on the ongoing rebellion in the MDCs, then this was just too cheap.


The traffic safety council encourages people to drive safely, avoid drink and driving or over-excitement on the wheels.

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