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How to become a member

Membership of the Party is open to:

  • All citizens and residents of Zimbabwe who subscribe to the Constitution, Aims, Objectives and Policies of the Party.
  • Any organization, association or society whose aims and objectives are not inconsistent with those of the Party.

Join the ZANU PF:

  1. Contact the Commisar of your nearest ZANU PF branch. The appropriate ZANU PF Provincial or District Office can assist you with the name and contact details of the branch.
  2. Print out and complete the Click here to compete membership application form and post or fax it to the membership officer in your province, together with the annual membership fee .
  • On acceptance, a member shall pay the joining fee.
  • Any queries regarding membership can be sent to the Party Head Quarters, Tel: +263 4 777967, Fax: +263 4 753383

Rights of Members

Every member of the Party shall have the right:

  • To vote in any Party elections in accordance with such rules and regulations.
  • To be elected to any office in the Party.
  • To participate in meetings and other activities organized by the Party.

Duties of the Member

Every member of the Party shall have the duty:

  • To be loyal to the Party.
  • To observe and resort to the Policies, Rules and Regulations of the Party.
  • To strive continuously to raise the level of his or her own political and sound consciousness and understanding of Party policies.
  • To strengthen, promote, defend the Party and popularize its policies.
  • To conduct himself or herself honestly and honourable in dealing with the Party and public and not to bring the Party into disrepute or ridicule.