By David Mwanza in Lupane


The Second Republic under the stewardship of ZANU PF First Secretary and President, Cde E.D Mnangagwa, has opened floodgates of mining investments into Matabeleland North Province.

This was said by the Minister of State for Matabeleland North Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Cde Richard Moyo during an interview with the ZANU PF Department of Information and Publicity.


This is in line with ZANU PF’s devolution mantra which intends to see all the ten Provinces fully developed towards vision 2030 of an upper middle income class.


Acknowledging the mining investment that have been ushered by the New Dispensation, an elated Cde Moyo said, “It is encouraging that the Province continues to see an influx of investments especially in the mining sector,” Cde Moyo said.

“Hwange district accounts for the majority of such investments with four coke on batteries companies which are, South Mining Expansion Project, Tutu Investments, Dinson Colliery a subsidiary of AfroChin and ZZCC which has also a thermal power station project.”

Cde Moyo also said the recently established Bubi Gold Center, would go a long way in enhancing accountability and transparency particularly in the operations of artisanal miners.

“In Bubi, we have the Bubi Gold Center which has great potential to boost the Provincial economy. I can assure you that Government through the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development working together with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development are looking for investors to fully capacitate the center,” Cde Moyo said.

“This is a procession plant which will be accessible to all gold miners from within and around Bubi district. This will boost gold production in the province.”

Additionally, the Second Republic continues to pour more funding towards key infrastructure in the province to make it a more attractive investment destination.

In that regard, Treasury recently released a further $200 million for the construction of the Gwayi-Shangani Dam in Matabeleland North with eight metres of the dam wall of the targeted 72 meters having been constructed so far.

Located in Hwange District, the dam is set to benefit Bulawayo, Binga, Lupane as well as communities along the proposed pipeline which would be supplying water to Bulawayo.

“The Ian Smith regime spoke about the construction of the Gwayi-Shangani including those before him. The former Government led by the late former President Cde Robert Mugabe did the same. The project has only come alive under the New Dispensation and come next year it would be completed.”


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