Silence filled the streets. Even the daily choirs of Copa Cabana touts seized to exist. It seemed the whole city had gone to a funeral. This reminded me of the early nineties in the rural areas of Gutu. These were the years of HIV and Aids. The whole village would be deserted for almost a week as people attended one funeral after another.


My grandfather would often joke around saying "Let's bury ourselves before this virus buries us." Fast forward to March 2020, another pandemic has staged a "coup" on the lives of the people. The whole nation has buried itself before the virus buries it. This is not just in Zimbabwe but world over. It's a critical time for nations, leaders and citizens. How we will get out of this, will define us as a people.


There is nothing as stubborn as the hand of time the moment it ticks away. Trying to turn it back is just a fool's paradise. Business will be lost, livelihoods will be destroyed, the economy will melt and politics will remain politics. At the same time, families will bond, health care will be a major priority going forward, nations will work together and humanity will be restored.


Amidst all this, it is important for one to have a thorough analysis of the emergence of the Corona  virus in Zimbabwe, it's impact on the socio, political and economic lives of the people, lessons and plans for the future.


For the next three days I shall expand and propound the above mentioned topics with the objective of separating the truth from the daily lies peddled by online soothsayers and self-titled pen prophets who think this pandemic is an opportunity to attack the National leadership led by the President.


Remember this virus will varnish, broken relationships will heal, business lost will be recovered but do the best you can to stay alive! Time will do the rest!


For today I am out


info director

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