By David Mwanza

Two months into her Ndebele lessons, MDC Spokesperson, Fadzai Mahere, has learnt that the name Nyembesi translates to “hure” in Shona which is English means a prostitute.

This comes barely a week after the opposition spokesperson torched a storm after she pronounced Bulawayo as “Bhuluweyo.”

In her momish moment this morning, Mahere, daughter to renowned educationist, Stephen Mahere, accused Presidential Spokesperson, George Charamba of labelling her a prostitute by calling him Nyembesi.

She tweeted, “Mr George Charamba-spokesperson to @edmnangagwa, I hope you feel great about yourself each time you call me "Nyembesi" which means "hure." This translates to prostitute. The misogyny and toxicity ever breath-taking. Pleasant day.”

In response Cde Charamba who supposedly uses the moniker Jamwanda tweeted, “I am hearing it from you for the first time. My aunt’s daughter is called Nyembesi; she walks the straight and narrow and is thoroughly married. My other relative - I won’t tell you how - was called Fadzayi. She never got married and led a desultory life in some city!”
One of the best football administrators to ever emerge in the country Ndumiso Gumede pointed to Mahere that “… Nyembesi means tears in iSiNdebele.”

Similarly, Thabisa Sibanda tweeted, “Nyembezi is tears in Ndebele. I don't know why you were given that as a nickname but it has nothing to do with the word hure.”

Meanwhile, other netizens joined in questioning the sincerity of Mehere’s Ndebele classes.

Agripa Masiyakurima tweeted, “I had a cousin ainzi Nyembezi. It doesn't mean Hure in any way. Ma Spokesperson enyu ayaaa.”

William Takawira tweeted, “iwe musikana iwe. Nyembesi doesn’t mean hure. In any case isn’t it your middle name?”

Another netizen, tweeted, “We have lots of people given the name even at birth, including former Minister Olivia Muchena. There is nothing sinister in the name. On this one you are off mark.”

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