One year on

One year on

By Margaret Kamba

"Blair, keep your England and I will keep my Zimbabwe" was one popular saying that many of us knew him for. A daring man who was feared by many and an iconic figure that had many African citizens clamoring for.

A year ago yesterday Zimbabwe's founding father, the late former President Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe bowed to the call by nature.

It was a shock seeing as for many years some media houses always carried stories about him dying even when he was still alive. But this time, it was true. The man had indeed gone leaving us in utter disbelief.

There was always something about the aura of that statesman, freedom fighter and revolutionary. His entry into any environment not only got the crowd ecstatic but dishing out an involuntary reverence.

His speeches were always ones to look forward to because somewhere somehow, he always found a way to sneak in a poke to the West which many of us loved.

Gazing upon his counternance gave one a fearful experience and yet being around him an honour to be associated with.

Journeying around the world and highlighting that you were from Zimbabwe, the foreigners would always say "you are from Mugabe."

There is noone who can claim not to have loved the man. He touched each of us in a different way.

The man literally broke barriers that the colonial masters had set giving freedom to the black majority to let their wings fly and realise their potential.

The education system saw the literacy levels of Zimbabwe go up. The Land Reform witnessed over 300 000 black people becoming farmers in their own right while the indigenisation programme saw others owning shares within companies.

He is gone yes but he left Zimbabwe the spring board to bounce from. Known for our hard working nature, Zimbabwe now under the leadership of President and First Secretary of Cde E.D Mnangagwa must achieve the set goal of vision 2030.

President Mnangagwa is making significant strides in alleviating poverty in the country through the different programmes among them the Pfumvudza concept which is aimed at eradicating hunger at household level.

Strides made in the mining sector will witness the country totally foregoing the importation of electricity.

Roads rehabilitation programmes will see the road connectivity of the country boosting local trade and increasing exports of proudly Zimbabwean products to foreign markets thus bringing in the much needed foreign currency.

Efforts to ensure financial leakages have been made making the country live within its means.

Revival of the health sector is on course with the rehabilitation of many hospitals being witnessed.

President Mnangagwa's call to all citizens has been to unite and build the country into the Zimbabwe we all want leaving noone behind.

Rest in peace, founding father Cde R. G Mugabe, the country is in safe hands.

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