PAWO in solidarity with Saharawi

PAWO in solidarity with Saharawi

PAWO in solidarity with Saharawi


By Margaret Kamba - ZANU PF Information Department

The Pan African Women’s Organisation PAWO just ended congress has pledged its solidarity with the women (Sahrawiya) of Saharawi.

Reports show that since 1991, there has been a cease-fire between Morocco and Polisario, however disturbances in Moroccan-held territories and the ongoing dispute over the legal status of the territory require continued United Nations involvement and occasional international attention to the issue.

PAWO therefore resolved to lobby for the UN Security Council for the holding of a referendum for self-determination of the people of Saharawi. They also called for the UN mission to conduct human rights monitoring.

They also affirmed the 2016 decision by Pan African Women’s Organisation PAWO Southern African Regional Organisation SARO conference in solidarity with the Saharawi and SADC Heads of State.

Other resolutions to the congress include the penalisation of members that have not met their membership obligations, recognition of PAWO veterans, enhancing peace and security strengthening of partnerships with the African Women’s Leadership Network and the development of PAWO youth desks among others.

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