By Margaret Kamba

President and First Secretary of ZANU PF Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa has extended the National Lockdown by two more weeks giving confidence to the people who voted yes in an online poll survey carried ZANU PF.


The 21 days of National Lockdown was ending today at midnight and many people were already preparing to resume their normal lives. However factors prevailing on the ground have necessitated an extension.


The yes votes topped a poll carried out by ZANU PF in order to ascertain if people feel an extension of the 21 days of National Lockdown.


Tagged ‘As the 21 days of National Lock-down comes to an end, do you think there should be an extension?’ the poll witnessed many mixed feelings on why it was being carried. The poll registered 1330 Nos, 3735 Yeses and 150 I don’t know votes.


Many people have been anxious about the lockdown with many people getting arrested in the process for defying the lockdown. Some of the comments included the ones below:

“My thinking is that you must use this time to rope in the Zimbos in the diaspora to help fight together. It is a chance to get the Party to be liked.”

“I don't think it's up to us as a people to vote for it or not. I don't understand this Covid19 animal. If my source of income is from roaming the streets definitely I will not vote for extension. But then again putting my health at risk. And social media is clouding our judgment. Too much is being said now we are not sure of anything.”


The Yes votes along with everyone else will have to hold on for two more weeks to staying indoors until the country is COVID19 safe.

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