"Pray for the nation, forgive each other" ........as First Lady takes National day of prayers to provinces

"Pray for the nation, forgive each other" ........as First Lady takes National day of prayers to provinces

“Pray for the nation, forgive each other” ……..as First Lady takes National day of prayers to provinces


Ransom Mandhlazi in Mutare

FIRST LADY Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa has urged Zimbabweans to pray for their motherland, as pray help unlock blessing for the nation, in the process also learn to forgive each other.

The National Day of prayers which was launched late last year at the State House in the capital, have since gone provincial, with the first Provincial meeting being held at the Mutare Show Grounds.

First Lady highlighted the importance of being a prayerfull women in a society, saying women's friend should be prayer, and not the tendency of gossiping.

"Nhasi harisi zuva remaspeech, izuva remunamato, ngatitaurei nedenga, munamato ngauve shamwari yedu vana mai, kwete makuhwa," she said.

First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa urged man to be supportive of women in prayers, join hands and help in praying for thier families and the nation.

She preach the gospel of forgiveness among the people of Zimbabwe, as unity exhibited by the churches can help unlock blessing or the nation.

First Lady encourage women to add thier prayers with hardworking for thier families, promising the church women in Manicaland different productive projects.

“Vana vangu, ndinokudai! Rambai muchinamata (My children, I love you! Continue praying, let's love one another, she told the gathering at the Show Grounds.

The meeting was punctuated by praise and worship music and prayers led by various spiritual leaders, who sought intercession over various issues affecting the country.

The First Lady, together with the crowd, also participated in declarations and decrees before she partake in the Holy communion to show union of the Government of Zimbabwe and churches.

In her welcome remarks , Minister of State for Manicaland Province, represented by Minister of Defence and War Veterans Cde Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri thanked the First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa humanitarian work in the province in the Cyclone hit areas of Buhera, Chipinge and Chimanimani, saying thus was a gesture of a true worshipper, the Zimbabwean Deborah.

She highlighted that in the few year since assuming the first citizen status, she has concentrated more in uniting people, reaching out marginalised areas and it's development, a gesture which has been reckoning internationally.

She urged churches to intercede for the nation so that peace, unity, harmony and development would prevail.

Also in attendance was Minister of State for Mashonaland East Cde Apolonia Munzverengwi, Manicaland Zanu pf provincial chairman Cde Mike Madiro, Government officials, different church leaders.

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